New Season, New Hive

At Game Hive we focus on three key concepts: creativity, connectivity and interactivity. From our games to the people behind them, we take what we do with serious passion – some might even dare even say, a bit too much passion!

So this April, we’re springing into the new season with a decision to  broaden our horizons, expand our reach and showcase just a bit of who we are. We have been busy bees working on exciting new projects, which include updates, releases, our new blog, social media campaigns and………

…. well you didn’t think we’d reveal it all did you?!

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in 2016, one of which is this very blog you are reading.  We thought that a blog would be the perfect platform for us to simply communicate with anyone and everyone – from the OG players of Antrim Escape, to the new players who tap  their way to world domination, we’re looking to connect and this blog is just one of many mediums going live this year.  

So please keep updated with the latest releases, contests and inside Game Hive news through our blog, Twitter and Facebook pages

With that being said, here’s to seeing more of us, and seeing more of you – We couldn’t think of a better way to welcome a new season.