Wanted: Beta-Heroes for a New Journey

The end of 2016 is upon us and so is the launch of avery exciting project that we’ve been cooking up.

The Titans have been subdued for years thanks to the Sword Master and his new companion, the Spell Master. Days, months and years went by where the Titans were gradually subdued. It seemed that peace was just across the horizon…

But all of it ended on the lunar eclipse, when the Titan Lords rose and strengthened their armies.

We thought the tappers would be enough to stop these beasts from raiding villages and taking innocent lives. The heroes thought they had enough power to stop the evil Titans on their own.We all thought it would be enough to win the war… but as time went on, the Titan Lords only gotstronger and more malicious within their shadow realm. It was time to do something – to make change. It was time to step up, seek help, and fight back with all their might! With new heroes and critters tagging along for the adventure, the Sword Master is back with a vengeance and commitment to save the world from the wicked Titan Lords.

Get a head start and sneak peek at the new Tap Titans journey by participating in the beta-test program. In the beta, you will be tapping alongside other dedicated Tap Titans 1 players and also providing the dev. team with valuable feedback, to help optimize and shape the game.

Current Beta Status: We are currently accepting players who will be put on a waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To sign-up: Head over to www.gamehive.com/support and under “Tap Titans” > “Beta Test,” submit the following:

1. E-mail Address
2. Device Type and Version of Operating System (for example: Samsung Galaxy S6 & 6.0.1)
3. Current game’s Friend Code (located at the bottom of your Friends Panel)
4. Reddit account name (if you do not have a reddit account, please create one)

If you’re an avid tapper with experience in double-handed tapping,we need you to help us save the world from from terrorizing Titans!