Community Update #10: Fanart, Videos, and Maintenance Memes! - Blog picture

Community Update #10: Fanart, Videos, and Maintenance Memes!

Community Update #10: Fanart, Videos, and Maintenance Memes! - Blog picture
Hey Sword Masters!
The Great Maintenance of 2019 (Credit to Relmed for the name) 
We hope you're enjoying the latest update and progressing towards obtaining the exclusive Winterfest event equipment set! Advance to the end of the Winterfest path, and this could be youAlso, don't forget about the holiday raid background that you and your clanmates can earn if you collect enough ornaments as a group!
There was a delay in getting the update out, and during that time a lot of you took the opportunity to express how you felt in the form of memes. Here are some of the best ones.
Thanks again for your patience, and we'll be looking into ways to reduce our dependency on iOS so we can avoid situations like this in the future! 
This week, we have some more amazing artwork by a couple of TT2 fans!
Here's a wonderful image of a falling Sword Master by @artofmello!
We also have an awesome depiction of Sword Master and Phobos by Crudaka!
Here's a fantastic video by Soulrise Gaming. In it, he does a great job of summarizing the 3.6 update. He also has a bunch of videos of his TT2 streams that are worth watching! 
A few weeks ago, we shared a video by STran93r on raid strategy that has been getting great reviews from the community. If you haven't seen it yet and you need some help improving your raids, make sure you check it out!
Bowl of the Week
This is a segment we've been trying to launch for a while, but it's been tough to find relevant content for it UNTIL NOW. This bowl posted by u/CharlieFromNz bears a striking resemblance to one of our most beloved titans, Portar. What bonus would you expect a Portar bowl give you? 🤔
That's it for this year. We will be off during the holidays and our next update will be in the new year. Enjoy Winterfest!!

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