Community Update #11: 3D Titan and Fanart! - Blog picture

Community Update #11: 3D Titan and Fanart!

Community Update #11: 3D Titan and Fanart! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers!
We hope you're enjoying Winterfest, and that you're close to collecting all of the rewards that you've been chasing over the last few weeks! Time's almost up, so make sure you push for those last few ornaments. Also, at the conclusion of the event, you'll have three days to collect your rewards before the panel disappears! We appreciate all of the feedback that we've received so far, and if you have any suggestions for what we can do to make our next event even better, please let us know!
On Tuesday January 7th, there will be a small unforced update. Here are some of the things that you can expect!
  • Timers for daily equipment, dust shop, daily achievements and bear shop set to refresh at UTC midnight
  • Progress bars added to passive skills
  • Number of cards owned added to dust shop info panel
  • New Year themed loading screen and stage background
  • UI tweaks and bug fixes
We have a bunch of fantastic fanart to share this week.
First, let's start with @alex_ris23 and their epic depiction of Sword Master!
Next we have a couple of really great drawings by @pastypav!
Thank you to all of these great artists, and if you have any fanart to share, send it to us on any of our social media accounts!
3D Titan
In this video by gianmart, they made an incredible 3D model of a titan! 
They have 2 more videos in this series. In part 2, they add colour to the model, and in part 3 they create a base for the titan.
Amazing work, gianmart! Now we're officially one step closer to Tap Titans VR.
Maybe next year you'll actually be running down the Winterfest path.😮 
We're looking to to have another contest soon, and we'd like to know what type of contest you guys would be interested in.
In the past we've done pet and raid card design competitions. What would you like to see next?
That's all for this week!

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