Community Update #12: Tips and a 3D Portar! - Blog picture

Community Update #12: Tips and a 3D Portar!

Community Update #12: Tips and a 3D Portar! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers!
We hope you're liking the New Year decorations in 3.6.1! If you normally play with High Quality Animations disabled in Power Options, try enabling them to see the fireworks in Nyx Treeline!
We have some awesome Portar artwork by u/ZavrokHuzak. They created this work in Oculus Quill, so it's actually a 3D figure. Amazing work!
Which titans would you like to see in 3D?
Next, we have a cool sketch of Sword Master playing guitar by @just.songo on Instagram. Great job!
Continuing with the art theme, AnaroArt made a timelapse video where they drew Sword Master in a heroic pose. Nice work, AnaroArt!
If you're in the mood for more timelapse videos, we have some great ones on our Youtube channel!
Top 10 Tips
Here's another informative video by  Soulrise Gaming! We've featured his work a few times in the past, and in this video, he shared his top 10 tips for improving your experience when playing Tap Titans 2. It's definitely worth a watch, especially if you're a newer player. Thanks Soulrise!
Sword Master Poll
Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers who would win a battle between Link and Yoda if they both used normal swords. We've received around 10k votes so far with around 66% of responders putting their support behind Yoda.
Here are some of the best comments:
"I'd say Link would have the upper hand only because he is only used to normal swords." - Todd
"This one is a bit of a toss up. I have to give it to little green though. The force is his ally, and a powerful one it is." - Joseph
"Hasn't Link literally trained with gods, guardians, and other mythic beings?" - Devin
"Baby Yoda is why I vote Yoda." - Victor
What do you think?
Thats all for this week!

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