Community Update #13: Lunar Festival Set and Skill Optimizer! - Blog picture

Community Update #13: Lunar Festival Set and Skill Optimizer!

Community Update #13: Lunar Festival Set and Skill Optimizer! - Blog picture
Hello Tappers!
Event Set
To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, from January 20th to the February 3rd, we will be dropping the Lunar Festival event set! If you weren't able to complete it last year, you'll have another opportunity to finish the set and get a 10X Boss Gold bonus! What's your Chinese zodiac animal?
Skill Point Optimizer
Here, we have a resource that's been very valuable for a lot of members of the community. Mmlh created an optimizer that will help you to make the right decisions when it comes to distributing your points. Start by making a copy of the linked document in Google Sheets. Choose your main damage type, your main source of gold, and your total SP to get a suggestion on how to best use your skills. Read the instructions when using the optimizer to make sure that you get the most out of it. This is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for ways to speed up your progress!
Thank you to Mmlh, Mordial, Joshua, Bandar, MaxTheDeath, IAN, and Chapinel who all worked on this project!  
Pixel Art
Here's an awesome rendition of Sword Master and Atlas in a pixel art style! Atlas is a titan (I see what you did there) in Greek mythology who was responsible for holding the weight of the heavens on his back as a punishment. To see more cool artwork in this style, check out Razvan's Instagram account!
Clan Meme
Sometimes it's hard to stay loyal, as u/jermain312 pointed out with this meme. How long have you been with your clan?
Q & A

By Coffee#9673- Any chance to consider the contents from tap titans 1? world 2 + spellmaster, shop with bonuses, prestige potion, point tournaments..

  • Currently we aren’t looking back at TT1 for inspiration regarding the future of TT2 however I wouldn’t discount the possibility of some features of TT1 making a return.

By JD#0357 - Any updates to whether or not the xx/xx clan hit tracker can be updated to show how many hits a person can actually do up to that particular phase?

  • Currently the clan attack tracker shows a players attacks made out of the total attacks available to this point in time.  We looked at other methods but didn’t like the cluttered look of them, keeping it as a simple X attacks made out of Y attacks possible (X/Y) relays the information required to get the overall idea of a players activity during a raid attack.

By GooN#9209 - Is there any thought to making it so if you have 20 daily equipment on the ground you can gain an additional 20 the next day? Since equipment is a requirement of the dailies most players save up now.

  • We’re currently looking at improvements to be made to equipment farming as a whole.

By Kadragon#0859 - With the growing number of cheaters (they are still rare, but their occurrence is becoming more and more common) is there any plans to improve the anti-cheat to patch their current forms of exploiting and cheating?

  • Cheat detection is always a high priority on our list. We have many methods of cheater detection that we use, and we will continue to improve these systems.

By Magnum Flare#2095 - Suggestion: In raids, is it possible to give burst cards numbers on attack, counting how many times it is activated? Thanks!

  • Interesting idea! This is something we can look into.

By Taco#1313 - Will GH ever consider allowing the players to reset their passive skills?

  • Currently there’s no plan to reset passive skills, they’re meant to be improved whenever they can be.

By ThinkTwice#1616 - I regret not buying some of the past bundles (e.g. totem+swarm card bundle). Does GH intend to bring back any of the non-milestone bundles to those who missed, similar to the milestone bundles?

  • Unfortunately such is the nature of time-limited items, there are no plans to revisit past bundles that have expired already.

By SlayerPRO#4989 - As a grand master, is there a way we're going to see in the future an audit-log-type of function in order to view changes made to the clan settings? (one day a Master can rage and mess with the settings so seeing exactly who did it would be helpful.)

  • Unfortunately, a system like this would be relatively complex and only used under limited circumstances. A feature like this is not very likely. So, make sure you fully trust any player that you give access to these settings!
That's it for this week!

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