Community Update #14: Portar Encounter and Artifact Optimizer! - Blog picture

Community Update #14: Portar Encounter and Artifact Optimizer!

Community Update #14: Portar Encounter and Artifact Optimizer! - Blog picture
What's up, Tappers!
3D Portar Encounter
Last week u/MLDP posted this amazing image of Sword Master staring down a Portar! How would you caption this image? Current favourite: "The dentist." - Hector D.  We can add this to our list of awesome Portar art, with this and this. Great job, MLDP!
Artifact Optimizer Video
We have a video here that was posted by Killerparrot6 explaining his artifact optimizer! It's really an amazing resource that can give you a huge boost if you're not sure which artifacts you should be spending your relics on. Make a copy of this Google sheet to get started. Big thank you to Killerparrot9 for this awesome contribution to the community!
Ink Master
This is a really cool piece by @scipio_orik! They depicted our hero in a unique style. Maybe not the most efficient use of ink, but worth it for the result. Thanks scipio_orik!
Recently, Soulrise Gaming contacted us about the lore of Tap Titans 2, and he summarized the info in this post! If TT2's story interests you, you should definitely check his post out. Thanks Soulrise!
You may also enjoy this comic book style video we posted this week. Would you like to see more things like this and what storylines would you like to see in the TT2 universe? Do you have any theories about heroes, titans, and locations?  
We asked followers on our social media pages which games they've done the most exploring in, and some of the most popular answers were Skyrim, Oblivion, Breath of the Wild, and Dark Souls. What's on your list and which games have you experienced this in
That's all for now. We'll have some info about the next update next week!

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