Community Update #3: Videos and Feedback! - Blog picture

Community Update #3: Videos and Feedback!

Community Update #3: Videos and Feedback! - Blog picture

Hey Sword Masters!



We have a small update coming on Monday that will fix the invisible Titan Lord issue that some players have been experiencing!


Earlier this week, the 3.2.3 update went live! If you'd rather watch a video than read a (beautifully written) post, check out this recap that Soulrise Gaming put together! His channel is full of info and guides, so head over there for a bunch of TT2 goodness. If you make videos like these, send them to us and we'll post some of the best ones! Also, would you be interested in seeing update or tutorial videos made by Game Hive? Let us know!


Some of the changes in this update, including the replacement of the diamond fairy achievement, are a direct result of feedback from players. We're constantly checking Reddit, Discord, and social media for ways to make the game better, so keep the suggestions coming! Also, consider looking at the suggestions that others have made, and upvote your favourites. It makes it easier for us to see what the community really wants! One suggestion that came up a few times this week was a request to make the number of stacked equipment easier to see. Is that something that you'd be interested in?

Contest Results

We updated the results of our raid card design contest after it was brought to our attention that some of the original top 20 winners were in violation of the rules. We edited the list to make sure that all of the winners were legit, and the prizes have been sent out! In case you missed it, you can see the updated list here.

Here are some notable entries!

Anatomical Erudication

Raised Footing

Sack of Potatoes

What types of contests would you like to see next?

Best Franchise

On Facebook, we asked the audience which series deserves the title of best franchise in gaming history. We got a wide range of responses, including MGS, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil. The two most popular answers were the Zelda series and Pokemon. When we polled those two head-to-head, Pokemon ended up with 3.3k votes while Zelda finished with 3.1k. Do you agree with the results?

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