Community Update #4: V3.4.1 and Fan Content! - Blog picture

Community Update #4: V3.4.1 and Fan Content!

Community Update #4: V3.4.1 and Fan Content! - Blog picture
Hey Sword Masters!
We have a small update coming for you on Tuesday, October 29th that will improve raid logs, add 8 new pet loading screens, and fix a few bugs. The 3.4.1 update will not be forced so there will be no server maintenance!
Last month, we highlighted one of the community-made resources that can help you take your tapping to the next level. Another one of the best sources of information that will boost your playing is our Reddit wiki. For anyone who is stuck on a certain stage, having trouble winning tournaments, or wants to do more raid damage, this wiki has everything you need to improve your game. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the wiki and made it into such a valuable resource!
Solkem Gaming
Speaking of valuable resources, we have a video here by Solkem Gaming! In it, he gives viewers a tutorial on how to build a clan raid deck. If you check out his channel you'll find a lot of other TT2 tutorial videos on various subjects that could help you out. Thank you Solkem! We're going to be featuring more fanmade tutorials and guides, so if you made or found something that you think would be helpful for the TT2 community, feel free to send it our way on Reddit, Discord, or any of our social media accounts.
We have some cool fanart here from @chancebeloud on Instagram!
We also have some Sword Master art from Arushi14 on DeviantArt!
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