Community Update #5: Tutorials and Art!

Hey Tappers,
Time for another update!
A small update will be released on Tuesday, November 4th. It won't be forced, so there won't be any server downtime.
Here are the features and fixes:
- New Loading Screen.

- Raid log damage correctly calculated for each titan and sorted by titan order.

- Tournament ID's no longer cut off on iPad resolutions.

- Tier 3 Area and Enemy Effects have been rebalanced to reduce variance.
Halloween Event
In case you missed it, Geoff answered some questions about the Halloween event. You can read it here!
Tutorial Videos
We're continuing to feature tutorial content that was created by the community. Today, we have a video by Soulfliction! It's part 2 of his series on raid attack patterns, and in this video he talks about the common patterns used for Mohaca the Gale. As raids get more difficult, it's important to maximize the efficiency of your raid attacks. Soulfiction's channel can really help you to avoid the common mistakes that many new players make! Thanks Soulfiction! 
Another content creator that can give you some insight into how to improve your playing is adaYTgaming! He's a French Youtuber that has been making Tap Titans 2 videos for years. Here's one of his recent videos about switching builds. If you don't speak French, you can watch the video with English subtitles! He has a bunch of other videos on his channel about the game that you can check out too! Also, here's a pic of the sweet recording setup that he uses when he makes TT2 videos! Thank you adaYTgaming!  
We have some great fanart to share this week from _tokaira_ on Instagram! 
We also have an awesome interpretation of Hornetta, Queen of the Valrunes from the original Tap Titans game by sharkowskii! 
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