Community Update #6: Art and Videos! - Blog picture

Community Update #6: Art and Videos!

Community Update #6: Art and Videos! - Blog picture
Hey Sword Masters!
It's time for another community update where we'll be featuring some of the cool things that TT2 players have made!
Let's get started with some great artwork!
Here's a piece by Llamacyst on DeviantArt. It's an awesome rendition of a Treasure Fairy!
We also have Sword Master meets the doom skill in this image by Dafrag! 
Thank you to both of these artists, and if you have any TT2 art that you'd like to share, let us know and we'll feature it!
Builds Tutorial
Here's a tutorial video by a Brazilian Youtuber called Tap Titan 2 BR. In this one, they give some explanations about different types of builds and what's required to get the most out of them. They also feature some of the resources that they use to optimize their play. On their channel, you'll also find videos about equipment, milestones, and raids, so it's a great resource for beginners! Thanks Tap Titan BR! 
You'll need to use subtitles for this video if you don't speak Portuguese. Last week, a few people had trouble figuring out how to translate the French video we featured so I'll explain it quickly. You can turn on the auto-generated subtitles by clicking on the gear at the bottom right corner of the video. Once those are on, click on subtitles again and you'll have the option to auto-translate the video into any language you choose!
Let's Play
We have a video here from a Youtuber called Surro402. They're a high level player and watching them play is an alternative for people who like to learn by example instead of watching tutorials! In this video, you'll see them using a Shadow Clone build to get close to their max stage. You'll also see them do a few raid attacks, so you can learn from their strategies to improve your own! Surro402 has a few other TT2 videos on their channel that might give you some insight, so check them out if you enjoy the first one! 
Discord and Facebook Group
A few more places to check out to get tips, ask questions, make suggestions, find clans, and just talk to other members of the community are our Discord servers and Facebook group!
Halloween Art and Twitch
Spooky season's over, but if you still want to see the Halloween Pet art, you can now find them on our Instagram! Also, if you go to our Twitch channel, you can watch a video of a Halloween pet being drawn on a previous stream!
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