Community Update #7: Pets and Fan Art! - Blog picture

Community Update #7: Pets and Fan Art!

Community Update #7: Pets and Fan Art! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers!
We have a major update coming to our pet system! Your trusty allies are about to get some new friends. Yes, in our next update we'll be adding a bunch of new pets! The current pets that we all know and love will be classified as "Legacy" pets, while the new additions to the game will be known as "Exotic" pets. 
That's not the only update on the way involving pets! We will also be introducing Pet Quests! Both your Legacy and Exotic pets will be used to complete quests that will provide you with unique rewards, so you'll have to make sure that your pets are ready for the task! We'll have more details about how pet quests will work over the next few weeks!
New Cards
We have a couple of videos to share from Youtuber SPITZtheGOD! Earlier this week we released 2 new raid cards and SPITZtheGOD gives examples of the new cards in action!
They have a few more TT2 videos on their channel to check out if you want to see some more raid examples!
We have some Sword Master artwork from 2 really talented artists!
Here's a cool one by Jitose on Deviant Art!
We also have this great piece by Leleskine!


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