Community Update #8: Q and A! - Blog picture

Community Update #8: Q and A!

Community Update #8: Q and A! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers!
Ultra Prestige Weekend Bug
Some players reported an issue where the event panel appeared early and prestiges didn't give x2 relics. This was just a visual bug, so you will be receiving bonus x2 relics for the prestiges that you do within the event window (Friday November 29th, 00:00 UTC to Monday December 2nd, 23:59 UTC). There is a fix available now on Google Play and the App Store (3.5.1 update) that will correct your "Ultra Prestige Count" and make sure that the panel doesn't disappear before the event ends! Also, there has been some confusion about the 8 bonus prestiges you receive if you make a purchase. This only applies to in-app purchases (bundles and diamonds). 
This week we have some cool Sword Master art submitted by u/Pony4Hour!
Here's another great one by @doraphia! 
Q and A
This week, we added a added section to our Discord server where you can ask questions, and some of the best ones were answered by members of the Game Hive team! We'll be answering questions weekly, so if there's something you'd like to know about the game or the people who work on it, ask away! Thank you to DreamXZE for suggesting and creating the bot players used to submit their questions!
By Blacklisted#9763 - "While Milestone Bundles are great, it has been advised they will reappear over time. Any chance we would get Black Friday deals / Cyber Monday Deals. For example All Diamond Bundles 50% off Limit 1."
  • Milestone bundles ARE great! However there are no Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to be had. The update bundles and milestone bundles are available though!
By Hazir#0010 - “When can we expect a public API?”
  • Less of a “when” and more of an “if”.  It’s something we know some players want, but with a small development team we usually can’t split off core team members to do something separate such as creating a public API while we’re in the midst of creating other new content for TT2.  Perhaps in future it will be looked at more closely however currently there’s no plan to drop a public API at this time.
By PjuPju#5947 - ”When new mythic set?”
  • We’re currently looking into ways to make mythic sets viable to release without breaking the way relics work currently.  I know mythic sets are a big request, it’s not something we’ve forgotten about, it’s simply something that requires some finesse to design.


By Recolada#5366 - “is there a plan to relocate dropped weapons to avoid accidental clicking?”
  • Not currently, no.
By Kobysleeps#2923 - ”Hacks, what is your favorite brand of coffee?”
  • Sam James, a mini-chain of cafes in Toronto
By Kobysleeps#2923 - ”Are there any thoughts on rescaling rewards (tournaments, login, raids, chests, etc)? At higher max stages rewards are really low compared to what is needed for progression.”
  • There are no plans of rescaling at this moment.  We’re currently focused on some new systems to put in place that will allow for easier feature releases.  With the framework changes we made a while back our patch frequency has gone up a fair bit and we’re continuing to iterate on this to allow for easier generation of future content giving us more devtime / wiggle room for looking back at past content.
By Kadragon#0859 - ”What's everyone's favorite snack? Let's have more fun with these questions!”
  • Felkin - Salted Caramel Oreos
  • Fjarn - Pocky and Felkin
  • FlyingMoustache - Felkin, Felkin is a snack.
  • h4ckz - Oreos and Salted Felkin.
  • Ryan - Felkin - Low sugar.
  • Geoff - Dark Chocolate. Over 95% Felkin or bust.
  • Sesame - Roasted Seaweed Snack.
  • Vermisean - A tub of hummus.
By DreamXZE#1912 - ”Will the clan progression required to get higher advanced start be rescaled as said during the 3.0 development?”
  • There are no plans to change the way advanced start works / is earned at this time. Similar to Koby’s question we’re mainly focused on creating and iterating upon these new systems that will lead into the ability to revisit old ones in future.
By h4CSz7WyoMLaC8#9499 - ”if you could have the community ask you a favourite question, what question would you like them to ask?”
  • “No recursion questions please.” - Geoff
By Coffee#9673 - ”what's your average cup of coffee per day?”
  • Felkin - 1 large Monster and 1 large triple triple.
  • Fjarn - 1 cup per day.
  • Ryan - Zero.  Ryan is a machine who runs on condensed star power.
  • H4ckz - 1.2 cups per day
  • FlyingMoustache - 2 cups per day, Morning iced coffee, afternoon coffee coffee.
  • Geoff - 2.5 per day
  • Vermisean - 10 cups per day. Minimum. Sometimes 33.7 cups per day. 
By lemmingllama#9071 - “What is your favorite card design idea that will never be? (Whether it's due to design issues, coding limitations, etc)”
  • “This one is a tough question since nothing is really being ruled out for raid cards thus far.  I’ve got a lot of designs created and in waiting for potential use in future. I think my favorite suggestion I’ve brought forth however was the idea of an ultimate card.  A 4th raid card that did something either at the very start, or the very end of the attack. Examples would be:

Wild Magics: At the start of combat apply max stacks of each equipped affliction to all parts.  These afflictions durations are increased by a random amount.


Phantom Pain:  At the end of combat, all damage you dealt is removed from the titan max HP, but all individual part damage is returned to the total hp of their respective parts.

Just something to add some flair and feeling to raid attacks.”

- Felkin

By Lobo#7362 - ”Can we have an auto selection for pets quest?”

  • It is a bit too early to tell, so not sure at the moment!
By TheFear#1184 - ”Any word on giving us a way to collect past event sets we are missing?”
  • Similar to previous events, we plan on enabling past event sets during the corresponding events.
By Netwizard#2625 - ”Can we have Bear and Dust shops resets at the same time pls?”
  • It’s a possibility yes, we’re looking at ways to better handle the shop refresh times but no word on making a full change to it yet.
By Deuce#6171 - ”Are mythic plus pet quests intended to be untouchable? Mine required just over 5k pet levels between 5 pets. I have 11.5k total, that’s almost half of my pet collection over nearly 3 years of play.”
  • A small percentage of the highest pet quests will be very difficult to achieve. But in general, it should be possible to complete almost any quest with a fresh team of pets. If you’re finding it very difficult, its possible you may have a below average number of pets. Pet Quests is a brand new system that we plan to iterate on over future updates, so feedback is appreciated!
By Kadragon#0859 - ”Why is bear shop a rolling 6h timer? I personally thought the reasoning for 12h raid cycles was to allow the game to fit into people's schedules better. A rolling 6h window destroys this by far forcing players that want to be efficient to log in every 6h on the dot.” 
  • We changed the Bear Shop to be a 6 hour timer to have rotating deals more readily available to everyone. Since this change we've heard a lot of great feedback about how you want the shop reset window! So, we'll be making changes to have the shop reset on a permanent 6 hour rotation instead of every 6 hours starting from when you refreshed after the last 6 hour window ended.


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