DevLog #102: Version 5.17.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #102: Version 5.17.0 Patch Notes

DevLog #102: Version 5.17.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.17.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 17th. This update will have new and improved events, improvements to the user interface, reworks to the skill tree, and many quality-of-life improvements. Read all about the changes below!

New Content:

Ultra Tournament and Ultra Abyssal Tournament scheduled events

  • Occasionally can replace a single tournament or Abyssal tournament
  • Up to four times the players
  • Up to four times the rewards
  • Unique avatars for top spots
  • Honor tournaments for players at the stage cap


Cosmic Wanderer legendary equipment set

  • 2x Damage per Solo Raid World
  • 1.15x Solo Raid Damage

Zakynthos Coin Artifact Enchantment

Artifact Discovery Preview

  • View artifact pools in-game
  • When discovering artifacts, see what artifacts are available to discover next


Solo Raid Bonus XP Pool

  • Bonus XP is gained from a pool of XP
  • XP can be earned by all players as long as there is still XP in your pool
  • Players will start with Solo Raid Bonus XP based on current raid level
  • The Bonus XP Pool will replace the previous New Player Bonus XP
Raid Level Starting Bonus XP for Existing Players
0 25000
100 20000
200 15000
300 10000
400 5000
500 5000

Solo Raid World Leaderboard

Global Raid Event begins on May 18, 2022

  • Attack the Global Raid for event currency
  • Global Raid profile background
  • Heir of Light and Heir of Shadows event equipment drops

2x Skill Point Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Artifact Pools

  • Increased the number of artifact pools
  • Rebalanced the artifact pools for artifacts

With this change, players should have smoother progress through the game and key artifacts are “guaranteed” to show up when they will be most impactful. These changes will not affect Abyssal Tournament artifact pools as Abyssal Tournaments have their own custom artifact pools

Salvaged Artifact Button rework

  • Found at the bottom of your artifact tab

Percentage Leveling button visual improvements

Stats Panel Improvements

  • Reorganized stats panel for clearer visuals
  • Removed unused bonuses
  • Added mana stats and other useful bonuses

Crafting Panel Improvements

  • Discovered equipment will have a lighter border
  • Undiscovered equipment will be greyed out and have a locked border

Reset Video Chests at UTC Midnight and UTC Noon

Skill Tree Changes:

Auric Shot

  • Changed Alchemist Boost to All Gold and Gold Gun Damage bonuses
  • Rebalanced All Gold and Gold Gun Damage values

Cleaving Strike

  • Max Critical Damage changed to Critical Damage
  • Rebalanced Critical Damage values
  • Negative Critical Chance bonus changed to +1% Critical Chance per level

Dagger Storm

  • Rebalanced Dagger Cooldown values

Ember Arts

  • Changed Summoner Boost to Pet Damage and Fire Sword Damage bonuses

Eternal Darkness

  • Increased Shadow Clone Splash Skip values
  • Increased Shadow Clone Duration values
  • Increased Shadow Clone Splash Through Boss Chance from 5% to 15%
  • Ruthless Necromancer mythic equipment set Shadow Clone Splash Through Boss Chance reduced from 20% to 10%
  • Decreased maximum number of levels from 25 to 15

Overall, it should cost far fewer skill points for similar or higher values of Shadow Clone Splash Skip and Shadow Clone Duration. The maximum splash skip and duration values for level 15 Eternal Darkness is equivalent to the old level 25 for about a fifth of the skill point cost.

Forbidden Contract

  • If Forbidden Contract expires, Royal Contract will also expire if active

Lightning Burst

  • Rebalanced Lightning Burst Damage values

Lightning Strike

  • Removed the need for an active spell to activate Lightning Strike

Master Thief

  • Changed Prize Gold to All Gold and Jackpot Gold bonuses

Magnum Opus

  • Rebalanced Magnum Opus Damage

Poison Edge

  • Rebalanced Dagger Count values

This change was done to help account for the Summon Dagger changes increasing the base dagger count by 1. Overall, you should have equal or more daggers than you did previously.

Royal Contract

  • If Royal Contract expires, Forbidden Contract will also expire if active

Stroke of Luck

  • Rebalanced Companion Deadly Strike Damage values
  • Changed Deadly Critical Damage to Deadly Strike Damage
  • Rebalanced Deadly Strike Damage values

Summon Dagger

  • Daggers will spawn one at a time
  • Dagger Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Base Dagger Count increased from 1 to 2
  • Daggers spawning that exceed your Max Dagger Count are automatically thrown and cannot hit targets or activate Blade Cyclone
  • New fan of blades visuals for daggers

Summoning Salts

  • Rebalanced Sprout Damage Boost values

Voltaic Sails

  • Rebalanced Thunder Ship Damage values

Heavenly Strike Improvements

  • Lowered mana cost for all regular spell activations

Shadow Clone Improvements

  • Increased base Shadow Clone Duration to 60 seconds
  • Reduced Swamp Gauntlet Shadow Clone Duration from 2 seconds to 1 second per level

Global Raid Event Improvements

  • Increased rewards in the event path
  • Increased event currency gained when attacking Global Raids to 30
  • Changed global raid phase rewards to offer more raid themed rewards 
  • Decreased event currency gained from Tournament and Abyssal Tournament rewards during a Global Raid event by 33%
  • Added targeting to deal bonus damage in phases 1 and 2
  • Added clan leaderboard for Global Raid Damage
  • Global Raid Damage will help your clan earn profile backgrounds
  • Added Activity Feed to display attacks of other users
  • Titan starting HP will now reflect damage dealt by other players to the titans
  • Titan health scales based on raid level
  • Leave Battle button implemented for Global Raids
  • Phase 3 titan health bar displayed
  • Reduced transition time between titans
  • Improved Help panel

Solo Raid decks tweaked

  • Regular world decks
  • Burst world decks
  • Affliction world decks

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue where Hunter’s Trophy helmet equipment was not using the correct values 

Fixed issue where raid cards would not correctly reset when attacking near a cycle reset

Fixed issue where Global Raid attacks would not correctly reset

Fixed issues where main game values could be copied over to an Abyssal Tournament or vice versa

Fixed issue where Radioactivity damage would not carry over when transitioning from armor to body

Fixed minor visual issues

Fixed minor localization issues

Various minor performance optimizations

Thank you for reading!     

As a final announcement, we’ll be hosting another Patch Q&A on the Game Hive Twitch Channel. This will be an opportunity during the maintenance to get an early peek at the upcoming changes and have all your questions answered about the new features. We’ll be going live shortly after the servers go down for maintenance. We’ll be aiming for a couple hour long stream, and the VOD will be available on the Twitch channel for anyone who is unable to attend. You can always stop by the Game Hive Discord afterwards to ask questions as well, and you can follow the Twitch channel now to receive a notification when we go live.   

Happy Tapping!