DevLog #104: Version 5.18.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #104: Version 5.18.0 Patch Notes

DevLog #104: Version 5.18.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.18.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 14th. This update will have large card and raid changes to rebalance cards, give bonus Raid XP on card level-up, add a new wildcard system to level-up cards more easily, introduce two new cards, and rework several cards. Read all about the changes below! 

New Content:


Gain Player Raid XP when leveling up a card

Card Level XP Gain Per Level
1-20 100
21-30 125
31-40 150
41-50 175
51-60 200


  • Spend wildcards to upgrade any card
  • Gain wildcards from Solo Raids and Dust Shop
  • Wildcards will cost 20 dust per wildcard in the Dust Shop (same cost as normal card fragments)

VIP Egg Slot Bonus

  • VIP and Season Pass owners will have two additional free egg slots

New Drip Witch legendary equipment set

  • 10x Mystic Boost
  • 1.3x Manni Mana Amount

New Weekend Warrior event equipment set

  • 10x Critical Damage

New O’Ryan’s Charm artifact enchantment

Summer Heat Wave Prestige Event starts on June 15, 2022

  • Collect Icy Popsicles to earn rewards
  • Gain Icy Popsicles from up to 99 prestiges each day
  • New Titanshell Shores raid profile background
  • Dedicated Fan, Grill Master, and Surf Strike event equipment drops

2x Dust Titan Chest Promotion


General Changes:


Rebalanced Player Raid Level costs

Increased Maximum Player Raid Level to 1000

Card Level Breakpoints for increased efficiency added at card level 50 and 58

Solo Raid Reworks

  • Reworked Solo Raid decks
  • Rebalanced Solo Raid Titan HP
  • Added 20 new Solo Raid Worlds up to World 70
  • Added Wildcards to Solo Raid Daily Portal rewards

Sprout Special Titan spawn priority moved above Chesterson

  • Rebalanced Sprout Spawn Chance in Sprouting Salts to accommodate priority rework

Perk Gold Rework

  • Perk Gold will now give one Fairy, Heart of Gold, Boss Gold, and Multiple Titan Chesterson Gold worth of drops
  • Make it Rain will give gold equal to 85% of your max stage or your current stage, whichever is higher
  • Clan Crates will give gold equal to 5x the gold at 100% of your max stage or your current stage, whichever is higher
  • Shared Clan Crates will give gold equal to 85% of your max stage or your current stage, whichever is higher

Perk Gold Armor Equipment Secondaries changed to Multiple Titan Gold

Amazon Princess legendary equipment set bonus changed from Perk Gold to Multiple Titan Gold

Added Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Qatar, and South Africa flags

Reworked Prestige Panel User Interface

Normalized Critical Chance Exponents to 1 for Clan Ship, Dagger, and Shadow Clone damage sources


Card Reworks:

We are also going to be making a large rebalance of cards. Overall, the changes being made will be to raise up the viability of cards that were less potent, and bringing in line the power of cards that were too effective. There are other changes detailed below coming to ensure that no players will lose damage as a result of these rebalances. In particular, burst cards will be seeing an increase in effectiveness essentially across the board, and most supports will also be seeing an increase in effectiveness. Certain key cards that were very high power such as Totem of Power, Insanity Void, and Victory March will be seeing some balance changes to bring them closer to other support options. You can read about the reasoning behind all of these changes in DevUpdate 73.

All card value comparisons will be comparing level 1 cards on the 5.17.1 update versus the new 5.18.0 update. The exact balance for a card at a certain level may vary depending on the card.

Due to the balance changes and the changes to Bonus Raid XP and Raid Levels, all players will have net neutral or increased damage as a result of these rebalances.

Acid Drench

  • Affliction Damage increased by 6.4%
  • Affliction Chance decreased from 25% to 18%
  • Affliction Duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.2 seconds

Ancestral Favor

  • Bonus Damage increased by 32.52%
  • Burst Chance decreased from 1.331x to 1.3x

Blazing Inferno

  • Affliction Damage increased by 21.71%

Chain of Vengeance

  • Burst Damage increased by 19.81%

Clanship Barrage

  • Burst Damage increased by 7.28%

Cosmic Haymaker

  • Burst Damage increased by 17%

Crushing Instinct

  • Reworked from Head Damage to Head Damage and Torso Damage
  • Bonus Damage decreased by 9.1%
  • Added 1.1x Burst Chance bonus

Decaying Strike

  • Affliction Damage decreased by 11.33%

Flak Shot

  • Burst Damage increased by 12.38%


  • Burst Damage increased by 26.37%
  • Added 1.1x Damage Against Cursed Armor

Fusion Bomb

  • Affliction Damage decreased by 16.84%
  • Affliction Chance increased from 8% to 10%
  • Affliction Duration decreased from 2.75 seconds to 2.2 seconds

Grasping Vines

  • Bonus Damage increased by 2.28%

Grim Shadow

  • Affliction Damage decreased by 3.18%

Insanity Void

  • Added All Raid Damage Bonus
  • Bonus Damage decreased by 12.35%
  • Exposed Body Parts bonus capped to six Body parts

Inspiring Force

  • Bonus Damage increased by 5.06%


  • Damage Boost decreased by 5.7%

Moon Beam

  • Burst Damage increased by 34.17%

Prismatic Rift

  • Bonus Damage increased by 15.93%

Psychic Shackles

  • Burst Damage increased by 21.45%

Purifying Blast

  • Burst Damage increased by 15.66%
  • Bonus Damage per Affliction set to 100% for all levels


  • Affliction Damage decreased by 8.33%

Rancid Gas

  • Bonus Damage increased by 32.52%
  • Affliction Chance decreased from 1.331x to 1.3x

Ravenous Swarm

  • Affliction Damage decreased by 16.95%
  • Affliction Chance increased from 15% to 18%
  • Affliction Max Stacks increased from 5 stacks to 6 stacks
  • Capped Ravenous Swarm spread to never exceed the Max Stacks per part

Razor Wind

  • Burst Damage increased by 22.86%

Skull Bash

  • Burst Damage increased by 34.17%

Soul Fire

  • Reworked from Torso Damage to Head Damage and Torso Damage
  • Bonus Damage decreased by 9.1%
  • Added 1.1x Affliction Chance bonus

Team Tactics

  • Bonus Damage decreased by 36.73%
  • Morale bonus increased from 0.04% to 0.07%

Thriving Plague

  • Affliction Damage decreased by 12.98%

Totem of Power

  • Bonus Damage decreased by 26.78%
  • Decreased cooldown between fairies from 0.945 seconds to 0.8 seconds
  • Decreased Totem Duration from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds

Victory March

  • Added All Raid Damage Bonus
  • Bonus Damage decreased by 45%

Whip of Lightning

  • Burst Damage decreased by 5.63%


Bug Fixes:


Fixed bug where free eggs would always share the same level when opening multiple eggs at once

Optimized some server values for smoother performance

Fixed issues where the Rate Game panel could reappear repeatedly

Fixed issues where pressing the Craft button when selecting a specific equipment would default to the incorrect equipment on the next panel

Fixed issue where the Practice button could briefly open the keyboard

Fixed issue where the Collection Preview will not display the correct artifacts or enchantments

Fixed issue where the Ultra Prestige scheduled event displays the incorrect value for relics in the image

Fixed issue where the Stats panel could trigger errors and crashes

Fixed issue where the Clan Quest Progress bar for Global Raid events didn’t visually display your progress

Moved Lightning Burst hitbox above the Dagger hitbox to allow Pet players to activate Lightning Burst more easily

Fixed issues where tournaments, Ultra Tournaments, and Ultra Abyssal Tournaments could display the incorrect layout and prizes

Fixed issue where Blade Cyclone attacks would delay the extra splash count to future daggers

Fixed minor localization issues

Thank you for reading!     

As a final announcement, we’ll be hosting another Patch Q&A on the Game Hive Twitch Channel. This will be an opportunity during the maintenance to get an early peek at the upcoming changes and have all your questions answered about the new features. We’ll be going live shortly after the servers go down for maintenance. We’ll be aiming for a couple hour long stream, and the VOD will be available on the Twitch channel for anyone who is unable to attend. You can always stop by the Game Hive Discord afterwards to ask questions as well, and you can follow the Twitch channel now to receive a notification when we go live.   

Happy Tapping!