DevLog #105: Version 5.18.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #105: Version 5.18.1 Patch Notes

DevLog #105: Version 5.18.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.18.1 will be released unforced this upcoming Tuesday the 21st. 

New Content:

We are introducing two new Raid Cards in 5.18.1, but these will not be available to unlock or purchase until one week after the 5.18.1 update has been live.

New Ruinous Rain Tier 1 Affliction Card

  • 999 Max Stacks
  • 99 seconds of Affliction Duration
  • 18% Affliction Chance
  • 1.15x Damage against Cursed Armor

New Skeletal Smash Tier 2 Support Card

  • Increased damage against Armored parts
  • Further increased damage against Armored parts if a Skeleton part is exposed
  • The number of Skeleton parts doesn’t matter, as long as at least one is exposed 

General Changes:

Changed Prestige Panel to prioritize non-zero rewards in ordering

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where wildcards wouldn’t visually display when moving to a higher Solo Raid World

Fixed an issue where Bonus Solo Raid XP was visually displaying when all XP was collected

Fixed an issue where players could visually exceed the maximum prestiges in an Ultra Prestige scheduled event 

Fixed issues where Ultra Abyssal Tournaments and Ultra Tournaments could display the incorrect user interface or rewards 

Fixed an issue where the Upgrade button for cards could display the wrong text 

Fixed visual issue with Stage Rush on prestige panel

Fixed various minor visual issues

Fixed minor localization issues

Happy Tapping!