DevLog #108: Version 5.19.2 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #108: Version 5.19.2 Patch Notes

DevLog #108: Version 5.19.2 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.19.2 will be released unforced this upcoming Tuesday the 9th. 

New Content:

New line of Titan Lord avatars for generic Firestone events

Abyssal Event starts on August 10th, 2022

  • Collect Firestones to earn rewards
  • Gain 1.5x Firestones from Abyssal Tournament rewards
  • Digital Idol event equipment drops

General Changes:

Players will now be able to delete their accounts in-game without the need to contact GH support 

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues where players were unable to log into their accounts  

In addition to the patch notes for 5.19.2, we’ll also be looking at some other changes coming in the upcoming 5.20.0 update. Let’s get into them!

To start, we’ll be reworking the Forbidden Contract and Royal Contract skills so that they reach maximum effectiveness as soon as the contracts are activated. This will help make the contract skills more immediately beneficial, and lower the mana needed to maintain Forbidden Contract and Royal Contract for a period of time at max effect. For example, it’ll take roughly 1/4 the mana that it did previously to maintain a contract for 30 seconds of maximum effectiveness.

In addition to these changes, we’re also going to be reworking some raid card balance. Going forward, raid card balance will likely be reassessed in updates that correspond to Master Tier season resets, and we’re doing a balance wave to pair with the start of the first Master Tier season. Largely these balance changes are to address the strength of higher part cycling cards and afflictions to help them all feel impactful and balanced relative to each other. Acid Drench, Blazing Inferno, Decaying Strike, Radioactivity, Ravenous Swarm, Thriving Plague, and Whip of Lightning will all be receiving small damage improvements to help reward players who use these more conditional cards. Additionally, Fusion Bomb has been overperforming relative to many of these options, and will be seeing a small damage decrease to help bring it in line with the other card options.

We hope you’re excited for the 5.20.0 update, and next week we’ll be able to get into the final details pertaining to Master Tier and the changes coming.  

Happy Tapping!