TT2 Devlog #49: 3.2.3 Preview and Contest Winners! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #49: 3.2.3 Preview and Contest Winners!

TT2 Devlog #49: 3.2.3 Preview and Contest Winners! - Blog picture
3.2.3 update!
The 3.2.3 update will arrive on Tuesday! Here are some of the highlights:
We're making some changes to the daily achievement system. A sixth daily achievement has been added! All you have to do to receive your raid ticket and diamonds is watch a video that can be launched from the achievement panel! VIP players will be able to collect the reward right away without having to watch the video! 
We're also replacing the Diamond Fairy achievement with "Tap on 5 fairies." No more waiting for that sometimes elusive Diamond Fairy!
The next artifact enchantment will be unlocked with this update. "Sword of the Royals" will now be available for enchantment! (Duellist Boost: Increases the strength of your melee heroes and your sword boost.)
Other features and fixes:
  • Reward animation for daily achievement removed.
  • Memory optimizations to reduce lag.
  • Coordinated Offensive animation fix: previously, the animation looked sped up.
  • Bundle equipment level fix: equipment level was inaccurate in shop.
  • Android app icon fix: with certain android versions, a square version of the app icon would be inside a circle icon.
Note: this is a forced update, so all players will receive it.
Raid Card Design Contest
The raid card design contest is complete! Thank you to everyone who participated, and congrats to all of the winners! Here are the top 3 designs.
  1. /u/bigfun1982 - wk4ebw - Armor Piercing
  2. /u/oopsilostmygun - xdmpxp2 - Find Weakness
  3. /u/Potatoooooooo4Life - rkw49m8 - Sack of Potatoes
You can find the results for 4th - 20th in u/lemmingllama's post here.
Prizes will be awarded next week! Also, a big thank you to the members of the community that helped us to organize this contest! Lemmingllama, Crimtain, Immovality, mmlh, Kazvy, Selena, Stranger, and Taco. (Sorry to anyone we missed.)
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