DevLog #61: v3.8 Patch Notes! - Blog picture

DevLog #61: v3.8 Patch Notes!

DevLog #61: v3.8 Patch Notes! - Blog picture
Hey everyone,
We’re fast approaching the launch of version 3.8 so let’s get right into the good stuff and start breaking down the patch notes!  First off the goal for v3.8 will be to release on Tuesday, March 10th.  I have to preface this however with the fact that we’re also updating the App Store listings, with new screenshots etc and this process sometimes can and has in the past caused a delay on launch due to the screenshots being rejected by the app review.  So with that in mind, we plan on releasing on Tuesday the 10th however there’s a small chance it may be delayed a little based on the review process.  We’ll know more in the coming days since v3.8 is submitted and in-review currently so if anything changes we’ll let everyone know.  
Since there’s a lot of changes to the Skill Tree happening in v3.8 we’ll be taking the servers down for maintenance starting at 14:00 UTC for approximately 4 hours.  During this time all players will have their Skill Trees fully reset so when you log back in you’ll be able to assign a brand new build to your Sword Master!  We’ll also be providing everyone with a discounted Skill Tree respec for a while following the release of v3.8 so you’ll be able to easily try out some new builds and figure out what you like best with all the new Rogue changes!  
For a little lore excerpt on the new Rogue Tree check out this post:
We mentioned last week that we're removing Stealth/Inactive Damage from all places in the game alongside a number of changes to other areas that pertained to the old systems being overhauled, such as the Sly Wolf and Dark Predator set bonuses, some Artifacts etc.  Those bonuses and stat changes are all being finalized internally so we’ll touch on those next week before the patch drops letting everyone know what they’re all going to become. 
In the past few weeks we’ve talked about the changes to Silent March and the Rogue Skill Tree, so let’s kick this talk off with some brand new features coming in with v3.8.  First off is Seeded Raid Generation.  Clan leaders will notice a new UI change when starting a raid after v3.8 releases.  On the raid select screen you’ll now be able to see the full Titan Lord line-up along with the Area Buffs and Debuffs applied to that raid if it’s in Tier 3.  Going forward you’ll be able to select the raid you want to tackle while knowing full well what to expect, whether it’s a good roll on a progression raid, or an easily farmed past raid to burn some tickets, it’ll be up to you! Seeds will be changing every 6 days and all clans will have the same set of raids to choose from for the duration of the Raid Seed window.
With the changes to the Rogue Tree, what better time than now to introduce a new Rogue themed legendary set, the Hidden Viper.  This set will give a bonus to Cloaking, a new skill in the Rogue Tree, that will speed up the start of your prestiges.  On top of increasing your Inactive Gold and Deadly Strike multipliers with the Rogue Boost, it will provide a 20% increase to the duration of your Cloaking skill.  We’re also putting out a themed mini event which will feature two new event sets, the Heir of Light and the Heir of Shadows.  This themed event will showcase some sweet new fairy and Chesterson so keep your eyes peeled for the new artwork showing up for a limited time!
Hidden Viper:
  • Rogue Boost x10
  • +20% Cloaked Stage Duration
Heir of Shadows:
  • ShadowClone Damage x10
Heir of Light
  • Heavenly Strike Damage x10
Alongside the new equipment sets we’ll also be releasing another Artifact Enchantment, this time for Drunken Hammer.  Similar to last update containing the tracker for daily equipment farming, this update will include trackers for both your daily Diamond and Mama Fairy drops available to you.
With all these new features broken down here are the full patch notes:
3.8.0 Patch Notes:
New Content:
  • 7 New Rogue Skills: 
    • Stroke of Luck
    • Forbidden Contract
    • Summon Dagger
    • Dagger Storm
    • Poison Edge
    • Cloaking
    • Deadly Focus
  • Silent March reworked into a passive skill with introduction of offline sneak count
  • Seeded Raid Generation
  • New flexible Announcement system (We re-did the entire system to offer more customization for in-game announcements)
  • Diamond/Mama Fairy trackers added to daily collectibles
  • New “Hidden Viper” Legendary equipment set
  • New “Heir of Shadows” and “Heir of Light" Event equipment sets
  • New Artifact Enchantment for Drunken Hammer
Quality of Life Changes:
  • Mythic Set relic bonus has been changed to an additive relic bonus which will give some players a boost in the number of relics earned per prestige.**
  • Achievement Panel opens to tab with most collectable items
  • New Bear Shop and Bundle popup UI
**We’ve tweaked the relic boost per mythic set to keep them in line with where they are currently based on having all Mythic Sets crafted.  This means that each individual mythic set had their relic bonus greatly buffed to ensure nobody loses any relic power per set.
Bug Fixes and Misc Changes:
  • Privacy policy panel UI update
  • Facebook Sign Up removed (New accounts cannot link to Facebook, this does not remove the ability to log-in with a preexisting Facebook account)
  • Fixed clan icon sometimes missing “notification fire” effect when raid is active
  • Fixed error when collecting several holiday clan event rewards
  • Misc. memory optimizations and desync errors
Thanks everyone for tuning in to DevLog #61: v3.8 Patch Notes!  As a side note, our holographic sticker giveaway has come to and end and further submissions are no longer being accepted.  We’ll be contacting the winners next week to let them know that some super sweet holographic stickers are coming their way!
Felkin GH