DevLog #88: Version 5.10.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #88: Version 5.10.0 Patch Notes

DevLog #88: Version 5.10.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.10.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 19th. This update will have the new solo raid worlds, finish our skill tree reworks with new skills and spell for Heavenly Strike and Shadow Clone, and other general changes. Read all about the changes below!

We will NOT have a mandatory skill tree reset with the 5.10.0 update. However, we will have 100% off skill tree resets for anyone who wants to try out the new skills.  

New Content:

Solo Raid Worlds

  • 50 worlds to progress through
  • 10 portals per world each week
  • 1 daily portal each day that scales in rewards based on your highest world completed
  • Start a Solo Raid daily achievement replacing the Upgrade 1 Artifact daily achievement
  • Reworked all Solo Raid decks
  • Solo Raid avatars added every five worlds completed

Solo Raid Theme Worlds

  • Theme worlds start on world 10
  • Worlds ending in a 0 and 5 have Cursed Armor
  • Worlds ending in a 1 and 6 have no Armor at all!
  • Worlds ending in a 3 are Burst themed and will have exclusively burst decks
  • Worlds ending in an 8 are Affliction themed and will have exclusively affliction decks
  • Worlds ending in 2, 4, 7, and 9 will be standard worlds

Solo Raid Worlds Maintenance

  • Players will be advanced to a solo raid world based on their current solo raid progression. See the below table for details.

Portal 1-19 --> World 1

Portal 20-29 --> World 8

Portal 30-49 --> World 14

Portal 50 --> World 19

Twilight Fairies

  • New Twilight Fairies spell that gives Twilight Damage and summons Twilight Fairies
  • Twilight Fairies deal Heavenly Strike damage and splash when tapped

Twilight Gathering

  • Tier 4 Knight skill
  • Unlocks Twilight Fairies spell
  • Increases Twilight Damage During Twilight Fairy, Twilight Fairies Duration, and Twilight Fairy Spawn Chance

Nightmare Puppeteer

  • Tier 4 Sorcerer skill
  • Unlocks new Nightmare Damage special attack that deals Shadow Clone damage and has 100% Splash Through Bosses Chance
  • Increases Nightmare Damage and Shadow Clone Special Attempts

New Artifacts

  • Twin Bracers: Dual Summon Damage
  • Cosmic Sextant: Cannon Damage (Clan Ship Damage + Gold Gun Damage)
  • Endless Bandolier: Blade Stream Damage
  • Pearl of Oblivion: Twilight Damage (Shadow Clone Damage + Heavenly Strike Damage)

Golden Scope artifact enchantment

Fairy King Legendary Equipment Set

  • Increases Twilight Damage During Twilight Fairy and Twilight Fairy Spawn Chance

Cackling Witch Event Equipment Set

  • Increases Twilight Damage

Abyssal Halloween Event begins on October 19th, 2021

  • 1.5x Abyssal Tournament Event Currency
  • Ancient Vampire, Grim Reaper, and Scarecrow Jack event equipment drops
  • Spooky themed Chesterson titans and fairies
  • Moonlight Night raid background

Stage Cap increased to 140000

  • Fifth hero ascension added
  • Stage Rush cap increased to 23520
  • Milestones added up to 140k

100% Off Skill Tree Reset Promotion

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes: 

Spell Swapping button always available

Spell Swapping tooltips added

Heavenly Strike Multi-Casting Queue

  • Queue one additional Heavenly Strike
  • Removed delay for Heavenly Strike cooldown

Reduced size of equipment pile hitbox

Removed “Retire Tournament” button

The Magnifier Changes

  • Halved base bonus
  • Changed Bringer of Ragnarok, Crown of the Constellation, Cosmic Sextant, Elixir of Eden, Endless Bandolier, Fagin’s Grip, Heart of Storms, Oath’s Burden, Parchment of Foresight, Pearl of Oblivion, Royal Toxin, Sticky Fruit, Titan’s Mask, Titania’s Sceptre, and Twin Bracers to benefit from The Magnifier

The Treasure of Fergus Changes

  • Changed Apollo Orb, Hades Orb, Laborer’s Pendant, and Titania’s Sceptre to benefit from The Treasure of Fergus

Raised Max Talent Levels to 400

Increased Talent Levels for all Abyssal Tournaments to 400

Updated Abyssal Tournament artifact pools

Changed 10x Gold Chance hero powers to Heart of Midas Gold hero powers

Increased Anchoring Shot max stun duration from 2.2 seconds to 2.8 seconds

Lowered base Dagger Cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

Dagger Deadly Strike Exponential Bonuses increased from 0.8 to 0.85

Heavenly Strike Gunblade Damage Exponential Bonuses decreased from 0.8 to 0.75

Increased Prestige Gold and Inactive Gold bonuses

Added Power Option to disable the Milestone HUD

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with Xander Sneak Count not benefitting from Dark Predator’s Sneak Count multiplier 

Fixed issue with Stroke of Luck particle effects displaying in the wrong spell slot

Fixed Milestone HUD being too low on some resolutions

Fixed issues with the Copy Raid button in the Practice panel using the wrong titan lord

Fixed bug that caused the account login panel to appear in Abyssal Tournaments

Fixed bug where Stone of the Valrunes wouldn’t correctly apply on game close

Added bars to help gameplay and display on iPad/tablet resolutions

Fixed issue where Abyssal Tournament accounts would falsely show the First Time Purchase Bonus

Fixed issue where Clan Loyalty wouldn’t correctly apply

Fixed issue with equipment sorting during reward animations

Fixed issues with Jackpot Gold armor

Fixed various localization issues

Fixed various crashes

Optimized various visual elements

Thank you for reading!

As a final announcement, we’ll be hosting another Patch Q&A on the Game Hive Twitch Channel. This will be an opportunity during the maintenance to get an early peek at the upcoming changes and have all your questions answered about the new features. We’ll be going live shortly after the servers go down for maintenance. We’ll be aiming for a couple hour long stream, and the VOD will be available on the Twitch channel for anyone who is unable to attend. You can always stop by the Game Hive Discord afterwards to ask questions as well, and you can follow the Twitch channel now to receive a notification when we go live.  

Happy Tapping!