DevLog #89: Version 5.10.1 Patch Notes and New Raid Cards - Blog picture

DevLog #89: Version 5.10.1 Patch Notes and New Raid Cards

DevLog #89: Version 5.10.1 Patch Notes and New Raid Cards - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.10.1 will be released unforced this upcoming Tuesday the 26th.

General Changes


Tweaked Solo Raid decks to exclude some possible deck configurations


Bug Fixes


Fixed Golden Forge levels 

Fixed mana refund not working for Heavenly Strike multi-cast

Fixed particle effect ring on spells showing through panels

Fixed Solo Raid World daily portal end timer

Fixed various Solo Raid World visual bugs

Fixed Twilight Fairies persisting through prestiges

Fixed Clan Ship DPS not appearing in Abyssal Tournament stats panel

Fixed Huawei purchase issues

Fixed issues with players not receiving all their catchup attacks

Fixed Pearl of Oblivion not being affected by The Magnifier

Fixed various visual issues

Fixed various localizations

In addition to the 5.10.1 update, I’d also like to discuss the new cards that will be introduced in the near future. We teased these back in DevUpdate #55 and will be coming out October 31st. Both are designed to be flexible options that you can easily use against any Titan Lord, which should make it much easier to attack against different Titan Lord setups or when looking to complete catchup attacks.


First off, we have Chains of Vengeance. This is a new tier 2 Burst card that can be used on any part. When Chains of Vengeance is activated, it chains the tapped part, and then deals damage to all chained parts. The amount of damage dealt per part is based on the total number of chained parts. For example, if you would deal a total of 100 damage per chained part, the first part you chain would take the full 100 damage. Then if you start tapping on a different part and also chain it, both parts would each take 50 damage. Chains of Vengeance is a strong option that can be used in any deck and against any Titan Lord configuration.


Secondly, we have Team Tactics. This is a new tier 2 Support card that gives a Raid Damage bonus when active. This means that the support bonus will boost all damage you deal during the raid. However, Team Tactics has an extra function that really helps bring up the teamwork aspect of the card. Using Team Tactics in an attack increases your entire clan’s Bonus Damage from the start of the next Attack Window until the end of the current raid. This means that your clan’s power will continue to increase as the raid goes along as long as you work together! 


Both cards will offer flexible ways to take down the Titan Lords and help you succeed with your clan in Clan Raids. We hope you are excited for the new cards!

Happy Tapping!