DevLog #93: Version 5.12.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #93: Version 5.12.1 Patch Notes

DevLog #93: Version 5.12.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.12.1 will be released unforced this upcoming Wednesday the 29th.  

General Changes:

Tweaked titan lord hitboxes to fix lost taps around the arm parts

Minor optimizations changes during Abyssal Tournaments


Bug Fixes:

Fixed visual bug with equipment selling

Fixed visual bug with leaderboard ranks not updating

Fixed cooldowns between Global Raid attacks

Fixed Clan UI notifications

Fixed Clan Loyalty cap in Practice Raid panel

Fixed diamond and event currency counters appearing behind panels

Fixed issues when joining Abyssal Tournaments

Fixed issues with opening player profiles in the wrong place in the Shared Results panel

Fixed special characters not appearing correctly in the inbox on some devices

Fixed minor visual issues

Fixed localizations

Happy Tapping!