DevLog #94: Version 5.13.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

DevLog #94: Version 5.13.0 Patch Notes

DevLog #94: Version 5.13.0 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.13.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 25th. This update will have a new special titan, skill tree reset tokens, stickers, a new abyssal tournament, and a slew of balance changes and quality of life improvements to the game. Read all about the changes below!

New Content:

Sprout special non-boss titan

  • Boosts All Damage
  • Only spawns above 75% of your max stage

Sprouting Salts skill

  • Tier 4 Alchemist skill
  • Increases Sprout Damage, Max Sprout Effect Stacks, and Sprout Chance
  • Sprout will only spawn when Sprouting Salts is leveled up

Giga-Golem legendary set

  • Increases Alchemist Boost
  • Adds Sprout Spell Duration when defeating Sprout titans to all active spells

Cherubic Emissary event set

  • Increases Fairy Gold

Skill Tree Reset Tokens

  • Reset your skill tree for free when used
  • Get them from your Daily Login rewards and through milestones
  • Enjoy the three free skill tree reset tokens with this update!

Stickers in Clan Chat

Metabolic Growth Abyssal Tournament

  • Increases Gold Gun Damage and Fairy Gold
  • Lowered Fairy Cooldown and Gold Gun charge time
  • Increased Fairy and Twilight Fairy Spawn Chances
  • Increased Gold Gun and Twilight Fairy splash count
  • Disabled fairy gold popup text
  • Start with Fairy King legendary set 

Titanium Plating artifact enchantment

Valentines Prestige Event begins on January 26th, 2022 

  • Up to 99 daily prestiges for event currency
  • Valentines raid background
  • The Heartbreaker, Sweets and Treats, Heartly Queen, and Love Struck event equipment drops 

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

75% Off Skill Tree Reset Promotion

General Changes:

Enchantment pools added to artifacts

Pet Quest Reworks

  • Lower time to complete a quest
  • Lower number of pet levels to successfully start a quest

Mohaca Enemy Bonus Changes

  • Changed All Limb HP bonus to All Head HP bonus

Solo Raid World Victory Popup

Options panel improvements

Improved Tournament Tutorial

Subreddit link during maintenance

Progression Achievement rebalancing

  • Required values increased for some progression achievements to better meet the current scaling of the game

Mana Reworks:

  • We are massively overhauling mana as part of this update. The goal overall is to have mana skills and mana sources that were less impactful raised in overall impact, and to also help make mana more consistent in usage for newer and older players. You may want to look into changing how you construct your skill trees to use multiple mana sources now, as a good mix of mana skills will give more value than focusing on a single skill.  

Mystic Staff Rework:

  • Mana Regeneration bonus changed to Primary Mana Sources boost
  • Increases Mana Regeneration, Mana Siphon, and Manni Mana

Fluffers Mana Regeneration bonus increased from 0.11 to 0.25 per level

Skill Tree Balance Changes:

  • Twilight Gathering Twilight Fairy Spawn Chance increased
  • Ember Arts Pet Splash Skip increased
  • Eternal Darkness Shadow Clone Splash Skip increased
  • Rejuvenation skill point cost lowered
  • Rejuvenation Heavenly Strike Mana Cost bonus increased
  • Mana Siphon skill point cost lowered
  • Mana Siphon Mana Per Tap bonus changed from multiplicative to additive
  • Limit Break skill point cost lowered
  • Limit Break Mana Regeneration bonus changed to Primary Mana Sources boost
  • Manni Mana skill point cost lowered
  • Manni Mana Mana Replenished decreased

Time Storm Abyssal Tournament Balance Changes:

  • Halved Portar Spawn Chance
  • Doubled Portar Skip Amount

Heavenly Strike Multi-Cast Balance Changes:

  • Multi-Cast Duration increased from 3 to 3.6 seconds
  • Multi-Cast Splash Count bonuses increased by 20%

Mana Regeneration tournament bonus changed to Primary Mana Sources bonus

Extra confirmation on Complete the Set offers

Display world cleared in Solo Raid inbox rewards

Abyssal Shop frame/avatar preview improvements

Reduced volume on Gold and Lightning Strike

Solo Raid scroll on world completion

Combine Health Bar and Targeting buttons for Clan Raids

Add Dagger Spawn conditions to remove unnecessary daggers

Abyssal Tournament auto-equip all with the same set

Dagger Target hitboxes widened

Promo Scheduling


Bug Fixes:

Prestige tutorial bug fixes

Solo Raid bug fixes for HP bars

Fixed Solo Raid generation issues

Fixed visual issues with overlapping panels

Resolved issues with Clan Directory filtered search when filtering with tags

Fixed issues with Daggers missing targets while swiping with Power of Swiping

Fixed issues with tablet resolutions missing border art during raid attacks

Fixed issues with clan generation when using certain characters in the clan name

Fixed minor visual issues

Fixed minor localization issues

Thank you for reading!  

As a final announcement, we’ll be hosting another Patch Q&A on the Game Hive Twitch Channel. This will be an opportunity during the maintenance to get an early peek at the upcoming changes and have all your questions answered about the new features. We’ll be going live shortly after the servers go down for maintenance. We’ll be aiming for a couple hour long stream, and the VOD will be available on the Twitch channel for anyone who is unable to attend. You can always stop by the Game Hive Discord afterwards to ask questions as well, and you can follow the Twitch channel now to receive a notification when we go live.   

Happy Tapping!