DevUpdate #2: Hot fixes and Hot Teasers!

Hey everyone,

Happy Valentines day and welcome to the 2nd edition of our new DevUpdates! We hope everyone is enjoying collecting chocolate strawberries, unlocking some sweet event rewards, and getting closer to that delicious clan profile background.

We'll soon be releasing a small update to fix some minor bugs (some of which were introduced in v3.7.0). Below are some of the fixes we'll be addressing in 3.7.1 releasing on Tuesday, Feb 18th:

  • Fixed Event Panel will be displaying the correct Avatar icon
  • Fixed Sword Master Tab scrolling to the bottom of the tab after a prestige for some players
  • Fixed being able to click on Clan Crates through the Clan Chat Panel

With the release of v3.7.0, there was also an issue where player's Daily Farmed Equipment count was not being correctly reset at UTC midnight. We have since identified the issue, and this should already be resolved. We're still hard at work getting everything for v3.8.0 ready so I'm not going to be going into any specifics yet, but I am able to share a little teaser on something coming up.

Since we changed the way prestiges work, there has been quite a bit of feedback received from the community. Notably, there were concerns over being able to quickly obtain the daily achievement raid ticket tied to a daily prestige. I'm super happy to announce that one of the key changes we're making in v3.8.0 is a rework to none other than Silent March!

This will be a change that will go hand in hand with the new prestige requirement change making it easier for players to ensure they complete their daily prestige, even on days they don't have much time to play. Silent March has been on our radar for a while now and it's finally time to delve into reworking the whole skill to better benefit everyone and have it become significantly more useful than its current iteration.

We also recently made some changes to smooth out the progression of early game hero unlocks, but it seems that we shifted a little too much power and gold cost into Damon of the Darkness. We've revisited these scaling changes this past week and have made a few more tweaks to bring the top heroes back in line with the intended unlocking progression. This change is going live today and won't require an update; you'll simply download the new docs when you close and re-open your game!

That's all for this DevUpdate, but next week I'll be going into greater detail about the next update.


Felkin GH


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