DevUpdate #56: Which Sword Master is Which? - Blog picture

DevUpdate #56: Which Sword Master is Which?

DevUpdate #56: Which Sword Master is Which? - Blog picture

Hey everyone! Last week we discussed the new solo raid worlds and other changes coming to solo raids. This week will be a bit lighter and highlight some of the remaining changes coming in 5.10. Let’s get into it!

5.10 will be releasing Soon™ in October, the spookiest month. With this, we’ll be bringing back the Halloween event and all the Halloween drops that come with it. You will collect Gummy Bats in the event, and progressing through the event path will help unlock the new Cackling Witch event set. This set gives a Twilight Damage bonus, boosting both Heavenly Strike and Shadow Clone builds. You’ll also be able to collect the Scarecrow Jack, Grim Reaper, and Ancient Vampire event sets as well through normal equipment drops.


Patch 5.10 will also be bringing an increased max stage cap to 140,000, and a new hero ascension as well to help power up your heroes. Heroes undergoing their fifth ascension will have splendid red and black outfits to show their power.


Players who progress far enough will unlock a new profile background to show off their achievements.


Those won’t be the only cosmetics available! Progression through the new Solo Raid Worlds will also unlock new avatars as you progress further. Use them to show off your raiding prowess!


5.10 will be coming soon, and we hope you are excited as we are for the new update and for Halloween being on the horizon! Let us know what sort of costumes you’re planning on wearing this season, and also what kind of costume you’d want to see the Sword Master dressed up in. We may take a couple suggestions for future event set themes… ◕ ◡ ◕

Happy Tapping!