DevUpdate #57: Kiki’s Journey - Blog picture

DevUpdate #57: Kiki’s Journey

DevUpdate #57: Kiki’s Journey - Blog picture

Dearest heroes,


I write this letter to detail the experiences Jade and I had most recently, and to warn of the tides of this battle changing. I fear that the Dark Lord has more in store for us than we may be prepared to handle.


We were moving through the Nyx Forest, hunting down the titans that were infecting the trees with their very presence. A swathe of devastation was torn through the foliage, making it easy to track and isolate the Mad Buurs and Wuur Wolves. Clearing out each titan as we went, we stumbled across a clearing with a titan larger than anything we could handle on our own. Its one eye glowed, sensing our presences at the edge of the clearing, and it stood up. This was truly a Titan Lord, and its arms absorbed all magic thrown at it without showing any major signs of injury. I climbed atop Jade to make an escape and we dashed through the woods. The titan was slow, lumbering after us with booming footsteps, trampling the vegetation and any smaller titans that got in its way as it pursued us. We began to lead this titan along, having it do our work for us to clear out the smaller titans. However, after passing a strange new titan shaped like a cloud, we heard the sound of thunder and the crashing footsteps began to speed up behind us. Gods, it was moving faster than Kit when she’s up to her trickery. We only ended up escaping after taking a tumble down a hill and hiding in a nook. It’s lucky we found that hiding spot when we did, as a second massive frame towered ahead of us, this one covered all over in some type of spiky defense system.


We need to band together, and to group with Sword Master to combat this new menace. Otherwise, I fear for the elves of the Nyx Forest, and what new foes they’ll continue to face.



Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With the 5.10 update completing our large-scale skill tree reworks, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what’s next for the future of Tap Titans 2 and what the main focus of our next updates will be. Today I’ll be happy to announce that for the next few updates, we’ll be focusing on a mix of raiding, titans, and quality of life improvements to the game. We started this off in 5.10 with the new solo raid worlds and raid cards (coming this weekend!), and today I’ll be able to go into more detail on some of what’s coming for the 5.11 update.

With that account, let’s get into each of the new titans coming with the 5.11 update!



Klonk the Illuminator is the first of our new Titan Lords, a monolith of metal with heavy armoring. Strong Sword Masters will be able to burst through Klonk’s armor and damage their body. Klonk has some of the strongest arms out of any titan, and a very beefy head and torso as well.

Priker the Otherworldly is the second of our new Titan Lords, a spiny titan with tough defenses. Priker has the strongest head out of any titan lord, and also has the weakest torso out of all titans.

Expect to face Klonk in Tier 2 and higher clan raids, and Priker in Tier 3 and higher clan raids. Also, both will show up in your solo raids.


In addition to the new Titan Lords, there is a new special titan that will begin appearing in regular play. Hayst is an electrical titan that electrifies anything that defeats it. This will increase your Companion Attack Rate for a number of future stages, speeding up the attacks of your Clan Ship, Shadow Clone, and Pet. Hayst will appear anywhere under your max stage.

The Sword Master is also getting a new look to help face them. Harnessing the power of the Abyss, the Corrupted Sword Master legendary set will help increase the power based on how often the Sword Master has delved into the corruption. Players will gain Corruption Damage, an All Damage bonus that increases based on the number of Abyssal Tournaments you have participated in. Furthermore, your All Damage will also be increased based on your Mana Capacity, raising damage for each point of mana you can store.


This set will be given to the Sword Master in all Abyssal Tournaments, allowing the Sword Master to revel in the corruption of the Abyss. While in Abyssal Tournaments, the Corrupted Sword Master set will give Corrupted Damage equivalent to joining 1000 lifetime Abyssal Tournaments.

To round out this week’s post, we also have a new quality of life feature being added. We’ll be adding new tooltips to equipment and equipment sets to help better explain the bonuses that they give and the properties of the equipment.


When tapping on an equipment set in the Equipment Crafting panel, players will be able to an explanation of the bonuses given by the set. No need to remember what Twilight Damage or Paladin Boost are anymore!


Similarly, tapping on an equipment in your Equipment tab will display if that piece of equipment is a part of the set, your current set progress, and an explanation of the primary and secondary bonuses the equipment has.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all are excited for the new titans! Our more astute readers may be able to identify the essence of the new Titan Lords as well. Next week we’ll continue to delve deeper into what’s coming for the 5.11 update.


Happy Tapping!