DevUpdate #69: Nice - Blog picture

DevUpdate #69: Nice

DevUpdate #69: Nice - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be continuing to discuss the 5.16 update. We’ve been working on adding new event types and reworking existing event types in the past few updates, such as the new Global Raid events and the scheduled Ultra Prestige, Ultra Rush, and Ultra Egg Drop events. We’ll be continuing to add and rework event types, but today we’ll be introducing another new event type. Let’s get into it!

The 5.16 update will be launching a brand-new event type: Dungeon Eggsplorer. In the Dungeon Eggsplorer event, players will work with their pets to help explore brand new dungeons and collect valuable treasure. Your pets will begin the exploration at the top floor of the dungeon, and improving your pet’s levels will help you collect a Torch currency to facilitate the exploration. Each pet level you gain will give one torch, which can be used to explore a tile in the dungeon.

Dungeon Tiles can contain rewards on the tile, or help you progress forward to other tiles. You may find keys throughout the dungeon, which can be used to unlock doors to help find valuable treasure within. Also, your pets may find a set of stairs to descend deeper into the dungeon. The deeper your pets can explore, the greater the treasures to be found! Some stairs may be protected by a barrier that takes time to clear, so deeper levels of the dungeon will be made available throughout the event. These will be set on a global timer, so you can explore at your leisure.


A large bulk of the event currency to be gathered for the Dungeon Eggsplorer event will be discovered within the dungeon. You will also have the standard methods of collecting event currency through prestiges, daily logins, diamond fairy collection, and tournament rewards.

Deep in the depths of the Dungeon, unique rewards can be found. This includes unique avatars and avatar frames.


Additionally, the new Dungeon Explorer event equipment set can be found within the Dungeon, which will give an All Damage bonus when completed.


The layout of the Dungeon will be the same for all players. Collaboration with others can be key to help fully map out the depths and help you find the treasure you want.

In addition to all the changes made with Dungeon Eggsplorer event, a new legendary equipment set will be available: Wondrous Forgemaster. The Wondrous Forgemaster set will boost All Damage for each equipment set you have completed. The more you have completed, the more power you will gain! Additionally, Wondrous Forgemaster will increase the primary effect of your Sword equipment, raising your damage further.


I hope that everyone is excited to delve into the depths of the dungeons. Be sure to collect your pet eggs and complete your pet quests to gather as many torches as possible!

Happy Tapping!