DevUpdate #70: Trials of Tapping - Blog picture

DevUpdate #70: Trials of Tapping

DevUpdate #70: Trials of Tapping - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. In the past few updates, we’ve been introducing new events with updates, including the Ultra Egg Drop and Dungeon Eggsplorer events most recently. In the 5.17.0 update, we’ll be continuing this focus on new event content, as well as improvements to some existing content such as the skill tree. Read all about it below!

First off, we are introducing two new event tournaments, the Ultra Tournament and Ultra Abyssal Tournament. These will replace a single regular tournament or Abyssal tournament and will be much larger than a normal tournament. Ultra Tournaments and Ultra Abyssal Tournaments will have larger numbers of players competing in the same tournament, and will also have larger rewards in the tournaments as well. In addition to the regular boosted rewards, players will also be fighting for unique avatars based on your placements.

For our capped players, the Ultra Tournament event will enable Honor Tournaments, where each prestige you do at the stage cap will increase the difficulty of the titans and allow you to gain additional honor with each prestige. The player who receives the highest honor and stage combination will win!

Ultra Tournament and Ultra Abyssal Tournaments will periodically run, and will have a unique icon in-game to show when the next one is scheduled.

In the 5.17.0 update, we’ll also have the return of the Global Raid event. We got a lot of community feedback from the last Global Raid, and we’ve implemented several changes to help address those concerns and help ensure that the Global Raid feels more community driven overall.

  • When attacking Titan Lords, the titans you face can include damage dealt by other players. As such, you may face weakened Titan Lords and can help finish them off.
  • The health of the Titan Lords will scale based on your Player Raid Level. This will help ensure that our strongest players are facing off against the strongest Titan Lords. Defeating stronger titans will not reduce your contribution to the Global Raid progression.
  • Maruk’s targeting will now be applied to all phases of the Global Raid. In phases 1 and 2, the targets will remain stationary on a part. This should help players defeat the Titan Lords more easily, and will also help us train for phase 3 when the targets begin to move.
  • The Titan Lord’s health bar will display at the top of your screen. You’ll now be able to track your progress against a Titan Lord more easily.
  • The transition time between titans has been decreased to keep the action going.
  • The Global Raid event panel will have an activity feed that displays the attacks that other players are doing.
  • The Clan Quest leaderboard will track the total damage dealt in the Global Raid for each clan member. Clans that deal sufficient damage will unlock a unique profile background. Now you can compete with your clan mates to see who can deal the most damage!
  • As mentioned in the 5.16 update, the Leave Battle button will be visible during Global Raid attacks

We hope that these improvements will help address community feedback surrounding the event. In addition to these changes, the event path rewards will remain the same as other events, rather than having a more unique event path for Global Raids.

Thank you for reading! We hope you’re excited for the upcoming events, and next week we’ll delve deeper into all the main game changes coming with the update. If you have any other feedback about these updates, please post it in the comments below or on our Reddit or Discord.

Happy Tapping!