DevUpdate #71: Experience Clarity - Blog picture

DevUpdate #71: Experience Clarity

DevUpdate #71: Experience Clarity - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we covered the new event changes coming in the 5.17.0 update. This week, we’ll be going over all the skill tree changes coming in 5.17, as well as changes to Solo Raid Worlds. Let’s get into it!

To start, we’ll talk about changes to the builds. Some damage sources are difficult to use for newer players, and we are making some changes to help make these damage sources more accessible for players to use.

Heavenly Strike can be difficult for newer players to use due to the high mana costs to cast Heavenly Strike. To help address this, we are lowing the mana costs of the Heavenly Strike spell at all levels, especially at spell level 17 and below. This will not change the multi-casting costs of Heavenly Strike.


Shadow Clone will be undergoing a few changes. First off, the base duration of Shadow Clone is increasing from 30 to 60 seconds, and Swamp Gauntlet’s maximum effect is being lowered from 60 to 30 seconds. This will help frontload Shadow Clone’s duration to allow it to be used by newer players.

The Eternal Darkness skill will also be changed to increase the base Shadow Clone Splash Through Bosses Chance, and the Ruthless Necromancer mythic equipment set will be tweaked to keep the overall Splash Chance the same for players who own the set. This will help Shadow Clone maintain faster speeds without being dependent on a mythic equipment set.

Lastly, Eternal Darkness is being changed to lower the maximum number of levels in the skill, and to increase the effectiveness of the skill per level. This should allow for easier access to splash skip and duration for Shadow Clone players for a much lower skill point cost.


Dagger builds will also undergo some changes. Dagger builds will be changed to regenerate daggers one at a time, rather than reloading all daggers on a long cooldown. The base cooldown for each dagger will be lowered, and also the base Dagger Count will be increased for players. Daggers will never expire for players with these new changes.

In addition to the functional changes, we are also changing how your daggers visually appear. Previously you’d have a large line of daggers spawn, and now daggers will spawn in a tightly clustered fan of blades above the Sword Master. You will still be able to tap on the daggers to throw them, and you can “flick” the daggers to aim them at targets too. This should reduce the screen space that daggers take up and help reduce accidental dagger throws.


Finally, Daggers will now automatically be thrown if you reach your maximum Dagger Count. If a new dagger would spawn and you have too many daggers spawned, the dagger will be automatically thrown. These daggers will be unable to hit targets or activate the Blade Cyclone special attack, but this will allow Dagger builds to have a more passive playstyle.

We’ll be changing the skill tree to help add additional clarity to the skills.

Master Thief, Ember Arts, and Auric Shot will be having their bonuses changed from a combination of multiple bonuses to their component bonuses. For example, Master Thief’s Prize Gold bonus will instead now give All Gold and Jackpot Gold. This will leave the skills functionally the same, but will increase the clarity of these skills.

Cleaving Strike will be changing to give Critical Damage rather than Maximum Critical Damage, and we will be retiring the Minimum Critical Damage and Maximum Critical Damage bonuses entirely to standardize them to Critical Damage. In addition to these changes, we are also changing Cleaving Strike’s negative Critical Chance bonus to a positive Critical Chance bonus. This means that players will no longer reach 0% Critical Chance.

Lightning Strike is being changed to not require an active spell to activate Lightning Strike. This will allow Lightning Strike to be more usable for newer players and in Abyssal Tournaments.

Stroke of Luck will be changing to swap the Deadly Critical Damage bonus into normal Deadly Strike Damage. This will remove Deadly Critical Damage from the game. The values will be tweaked so that no damage will be lost as a result of this change.

Forbidden Contract and Royal Contract can sometimes be difficult to use together as they can have different durations and thus desync in their cooldowns. We’ll be changing how the two Contract skills work so that if you cannot pay for one of the contracts, both contracts will expire.

We are making some changes to Solo Raid Worlds. Starting off, we are changing how Solo Raid Bonus XP will be given out. Currently, players with Raid Levels under level 100 will receive some Bonus XP with each daily farming Solo Raid portal they complete. We are changing this to instead have a pool of Solo Raid Bonus XP that is slowly depleted as the daily farming portals are completed. This means that players who quickly progress through stages or clan raids will still be able to earn a consistent amount of Solo Raid Bonus XP and can progress without fear.

The Solo Raid Bonus XP for existing players will be set based on your current Player Raid Level, as players who have high Raid Levels will have already collected the full extent of the old Solo Raid Bonus XP from the system.

In addition to the changes to XP, we are also adding a new leaderboard to display all players raiding in your Solo Raid World. This leaderboard for Your World will not offer any special rewards.

Lastly, we are adding a new Legendary equipment set themed around Solo Raid Worlds: The Cosmic Wanderer equipment set. Cosmic Wanderer will give an All Damage bonus for each Solo Raid World you have completed, allowing you to gain in power as you push to higher Solo Raid Worlds. Cosmic Wanderer will also help you push through Solo Raid Worlds by giving increased Solo Raid Damage. To note, the Cosmic Wanderer set only affects Solo Raid Worlds, and will not impact your Clan Raid Damage.


We hope everyone are excited for the changes coming! Next week we’ll continue to explore what’s coming in the 5.17.0 update, including some changes to the user interface.

Happy Tapping!