DevUpdate #72: Perks of Being Very Important - Blog picture

DevUpdate #72: Perks of Being Very Important

DevUpdate #72: Perks of Being Very Important - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be discussing the 5.18.0 update. In the past few updates, we’ve been working on changes to help smooth out progression in the main game and improve our events. While we will be continuing work on these features in the coming updates, we’ll also be looking to add larger reworks to our raiding content. Today I’ll be going over the non-raiding related changes in 5.18.0, but if you have any suggestions on how you’d like to see raiding change, please feel free to post it in the comments!

First off, we are continuing our UI reworks for the core gameplay by reworking the Prestige panel. Prestiging can sometimes be intimidating for new players, and these reworks should help highlight the benefits of prestiging and increase the clarity in your starting stage.


Many players have requested changes to Clan Crates to help improve their effectiveness. In the 5.18 update, we’ll be reworking how Perk Gold works to ensure that the gold you receive is meaningful. When you activate Make it Rain or Clan Crates, you will now receive one Fairy Gold, Heart of Gold, Multiple Titan Chesterson Gold, and Boss Gold drop, similarly to how Inactive Gold, Prestige Gold, and Portar Gold are calculated. Perks will give this gold for higher stages to ensure that you can level up all your heroes and speed through stages. Make it Rain will give gold at 85% of your max stage or your current stage, whichever is higher. Clan Crate perks will give 5x the gold you can receive at 100% of your max stage. Overall, these changes should help increase the efficacy of Clan Crate and Make it Rain perks!

With these changes to Perk Gold, we’ll be removing Perk Gold multipliers from the game and replacing them with Multiple Titan Gold bonuses. For the owners of the Amazon Princess legendary equipment set or anyone with an Armor equipment with Perk Gold secondary bonuses, they will now boost Multiple Titan Gold after the update.

The Sprouting Salts skill will be undergoing some changes. Currently, the spawn ordering of our non-boss special titans is Snap -> Hayst -> Chesterson -> Sprout -> Manni. We will be changing this order to place Sprout above Chesterson in the spawn priority to help ensure that players have consistent Sprout spawns regardless of whether or not they are using equipment that boosts Chesterson Chance. We will also be rebalancing the Sprout spawn chance, and this should lead to more consistent Sprout spawns for players.

Many of our spending players have raised concerns around how Skill Tree Reset Tokens have decreased the value of our VIP system, as players are now able to reset their skill trees for free and thus may not be fully utilizing the skill tree reset discount that VIP players receive. As a result of this, we are expanding the VIP benefits (which are also given to all owners of the Season Pass for the duration of events) to increase the number of egg slots for their free pet eggs. Rather than the current two egg slots that players have, VIP players and season pass owners will now have four egg slots. If you have any other suggestions for what sort of quality-of-life bonuses VIP players should have, feel free to let us know!

Lastly, we will be adding new country flags to the game. Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Qatar, and South Africa will now be available options for new accounts. If you currently live in one of these countries, you’ll be able to contact GameHive support or send me a message to have your flag changed.

Thank you all for reading! We have a lot more to discuss in the next DevUpdate about some of the upcoming changes to raids, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks!

Happy Tapping!