DevUpdate #75: Time Waits For Everyone - Blog picture

DevUpdate #75: Time Waits For Everyone

DevUpdate #75: Time Waits For Everyone - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we discussed how Advance Start will be changing into Starting Stage and the new Upgrade All Favorite Artifacts button. This week we’ll be delving into some changes to the Clan Raid system, as well as the new equipment sets. Let’s get into it!

Apologies for the DevUpdate being released outside of the normally scheduled times, tomorrow is the Canada Day holiday and thus I wouldn’t be around to respond to your comments.

Currently, Clan Raids are set up to progress you to the next raid if you are able to complete an active raid within six attack cycles, or roughly three days worth of attacks. We’ll be changing this to allow players to progress to the next raid regardless of how long it takes to clear their raid. Clans can now plan on how they want to use their keys more effectively, and there’s no more missing out on a clear due to being off by a couple raid attacks.

To help supplement this change, we will be giving the option for Masters and Grand Masters of your clan to retire raids. Masters and Grand Masters can use the Retire Raid button to fully retire a raid, giving no rewards or keys back. This helps ensure that if your clan progresses to a raid that isn’t feasible to clear, you can choose to end that raid and try again once your clan gains in power.

The Auto-Raid clan setting will now be changing so that if a clan takes too long to clear their raids, Auto-Raid will not progress to the next raid and will instead stay on the current raid. This will ensure that players aren’t accidentally placed into raids that are too difficult for the clan.

In addition to these changes to Clan Raids themselves, we’ll also be changing how clans can find players to join their clan. In addition to the Required Stage option where a clan can set a minimum Max Stage that a player needs to join their clan, Masters and Grand Masters will now also be able to set a Required Raid Level. Only players who have a Player Raid Level equal to or greater than the Required Raid Level will be able to join your clan, helping clans find players who can help them clear more difficult Clan Raids.

For the last of our announced raid related changes, we’ll be reworking some cards based on player feedback.

Decaying Strike currently is a very conditional card that deals maximum out when the afflicted part is at 20% HP or lower. We’ll be changing Decaying Strike so that it reaches maximum effectiveness at 25% HP or lower to help lower the conditionality of the card and allow more players to use Decaying Strike during a raid. 

Thriving Plague’s design has been to be a strong option for six or more parts, but we’ve found that in practice Thriving Plague requires a higher number of parts to ensure that it’s hitting maximum damage and can compete with other high part Affliction cards such as Fusion Bomb or Blazing Inferno. We’ll be changing Thriving Plague to frontload more power into the Base Affliction Damage, and then lower the Damage Per Afflicted Part bonus. This will help keep Thriving Plague powerful when attacking a lower number of parts, while still gaining in power when used against more parts.

We’ll also be touching a few other cards to help maintain balance between them, but these changes will mostly be minor damage rebalances to help ensure that cards are performing as desired. If you have any feedback on the current state of card balance, please let us know as we’ll be monitoring card balance carefully for the next updates to ensure that all cards feel powerful and viable to use. 

Now for some features that aren’t raiding related. We’re also releasing three new equipment sets with the update, including a new Mythic equipment set.


The Bronzed Chronomancer legendary equipment set will increase the duration of special titan stacks, including Hayst, Snap, and Chesterson. This will help players maintain these bonuses for longer and benefit from defeating the special titans even more. Additionally, the Bronzed Chronomancer set will give a boost to Non-Boss Damage, making it easier to defeat those special titans. 


Belial, The Fossilized Symbiote is a new raiding themed mythic equipment set. Belial will decrease the amount of Raid XP required to reach new Player Raid Levels, allowing you to instantly gain a boost in Raid Level once you complete the set and making all future Raid Levels cheaper to unlock. Additionally, you’ll receive an All Damage boost for each Card Level you have, helping boost your power in the main game each time you level up your cards. Lastly, Belial will give a Prestige Relics bonus similar to other mythic equipment sets.


Lastly, we have the Summer Sweetheart event equipment set. Summer Sweetheart will increase your All Hero Damage, and will be unlocked by participating in the upcoming event in 5.19.

Thank you for reading! We’ll continue to explore the other changes coming in the 5.19 update next week.

Happy Tapping!