DevUpdate #77: The Titan Smite Special - Blog picture

DevUpdate #77: The Titan Smite Special

DevUpdate #77: The Titan Smite Special - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be looking ahead to the 5.20.0 update. 5.20 will have many quality-of-life improvements to the user interface, special titans, the skill tree, and clans, as well as the release of the announced Master Tier clan raids. Today we’ll be looking into some of those improvements. Let’s get into it! 

To start off, let’s talk special titans. Currently many special titans have a duration where their effects last for a certain number of stages, and splashing through several stages at once will also advance through the special titan’s duration by that number of stages. We are changing special titans so their duration will no longer be a specific number of stages, but rather will increment by one each time you leave a stage. This means that even if you splash through 200 stages at once, your Chesterson, Hayst, and Snap durations would only be progressed +1. This change in behavior will allow for greater uptime of special titan effects, and will help maintain them even if you have a high amount of splash. We’ll also be rebalancing the special titan duration values to be balanced with this new behavior.

The Snap special titan will also be reworked so that it will have a far higher uptime compared to before, but will also now no longer reduce the number of non-boss titans per stage to zero. This is to help Snap maintain the role of titan reduction and assist newer players with their splash, while also not breaking balance for high Splash Count builds like Heavenly Strike and Dagger that would otherwise benefit far too much with the new special titan duration changes. For players concerned that these changes to Snap will slow down their prestige times, we have changes coming in the future that will help bridge any gaps caused by these changes.

Next up, some players have reported issues when progressing inactively with Silent March as they don’t have an opportunity to farm up special titans such as Sprout during their Silent March progress. To fix this, we are allowing players to defeat special titans while inactive. This will work based on your Sneak Count and your special titan spawn chances, where if you would have snuck past a special titan while inactive, you’ll have that special titan’s effects active when returning from inactivity. For example, if I had 100 Sneak Count and a 2% Sprout Spawn Chance, then after progressing inactively for five minutes, I would have collected two Sprout stacks inactively for when I return. To note, Portar cannot be defeated when inactive, as only your Sneak Count affects your inactive progression speeds.

In the past few updates, we’ve been working to improve the VIP benefits to help make them feel powerful and meaningful to unlock. We’ll be helping clarify how VIP is unlocked in this update and help players track their progress towards VIP with VIP tiers. All purchases in the game will now give VIP points, and all previous purchases made will similarly give the correct values of VIP points. These VIP points can be tracked in the Shop tab, and will add up to unlock VIP tiers and their benefits.

VIP Tier VIP Tier Bonuses
1 Auto-Unlock Heroes on Prestige
2 Upgrade All Favorite Artifacts Button
3 Fairy Ad Skip
4 +2 Egg Slots
5 All Ad Skip + Skill Tree Reset Discount + Salvage Artifact Discount + Unique VIP avatar

Auto-Unlock Heroes on Prestige will still be granted at stage 10,000 even for non-spending players, the same way it is now.

The season pass will still temporarily give all benefits of VIP for the duration of that season.

We may add additional VIP tier benefits in the future, but currently we are mostly ensuring that existing VIP tiers are working as intended and can be added into the game. If you have any suggestions on what sort of benefits you’d like to see, please let us know!

We are looking into including some community feedback surrounding the prestige panel. We are looking to add in additional information on the main prestige screen itself and in the information buttons, while still keeping the cleaner and less intimidating user interface for newer players.

First off, we’ll be changing the sizing of the reward icons so that three rewards will be visible on-screen at once. This will ensure you always see your relics, and then you’ll be able to see your Stage Rush and Event Currency when farming prestiges, or see your Skill Points and Raid XP when pushing to a higher max stage.

Secondly, we’re adding in the daily count of Event Currency prestiges you’ve done and the daily max, allowing for players to more easily see their progress in the event.

Lastly, we are adding more information into the Relic information panel, including displaying the Base Relics and Relic Multiplier values to help give more clarity to the relics you are earning.

We’re happy to get these community requested features added into the game, and please keep on giving us your feedback and suggestions for the future too! We try to include some community requested features with each update. Next week we’ll get further into the 5.20 update, including giving some additional clarification for Master Tier clan raids. If you want to catch up with all the publicly available information about Master Tier, you can read about it in DevUpdate 76.

Happy Tapping!