DevUpdate #78: Raid Mastery - Blog picture

DevUpdate #78: Raid Mastery

DevUpdate #78: Raid Mastery - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we started to look into the 5.20.0 update, including the changes to special titans and the inclusion of VIP tiers. This week we’ll be going into the new Master Tier for clan raids. If you haven’t already read it, I would highly recommend reading DevUpdate 76 where we discussed the basic premise of Master Tier. Give that a read first, and then let’s get into this week’s DevUpdate!

To start off, let’s talk about the rescaled tiers prior to Master Tier. Tier 3 will be changing from 60 clan raids down to 30, and Tier 4 will be rescaled from 50 clan raids down to 40. HP of the raids will also be similarly scaled to accommodate the changes, and clans will be progressed upwards to a raid of similar difficulty during the patch maintenance to allow them to start working on progressing through their higher tier progression. For players who have progressed far enough, they will also start off at the beginning of the Master Tier and can immediately begin participating in the Master Tier season. Rewards will also be rescaled for the rescaled tiers, and players should expect similar or increased rewards for their raid progression overall after the migration.

Master Tier will have 140 raids, and clans will try to reach the highest raid they can within the three-month season. Clearing raids quickly will be essential, as the Fast Completion bonuses will help players jump ahead to raids that are more appropriately scaled in difficulty. Clans will only have roughly 24-26 clan raids to help differentiate themselves from other clans, and so clearing a raid on an earlier cycle will help you jump ahead. The Fast Completion bonuses are as follows.

Number of Cycles Raids Cleared
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 6
5 4
6 2
7+ 1

At the end of the Master Tier season, players will receive additional rewards based on their placement on the Master Tier leaderboard. As long as you are in a clan that has completed the first Master Tier level by the end of the season, you will receive the base participation rewards. However, clans in the top 100, top 50, top 25, and top 10 clans will receive additional rewards for their progress, with overall rewards having a combined value of tens of thousands of dust. Seasonal rewards will be given in the form of dust and regular card fragments, and with some unique cosmetics for the top clearing clans, and we will also be highlighting our top Master Tier clans in-game at the end of each season to help share their accomplishments.


The Master Tier leaderboard will sort clans first by highest completed raid, with ties broken by the fastest completion time. Clans that can clear faster will stay on top, especially with the Fast Completion bonuses on raid completion.

To help clans gain in damage and help hit these fast completion bonuses and aim for the top leaderboard spots, players will have six raid attacks in Master Tier. Master Tier will also have all the other mechanics that players have learned in tiers 1-4, such as the Area Bonuses, Enemy Bonuses, and Cursed Armor.

We hope that players are excited for the upcoming Master Tier, and we are very interested in hearing feedback from the raiding community about these changes!

Now, we have some changes to mention that aren’t clan raiding related. 5.20 will also be bringing in a new Legendary equipment set, the Sunset City Slinger set. Sunset City Slinger will help boost your Aura Primary Effect and your Clanship Damage, helping players power up even more. Yeehaw!


Additionally, we can now confirm that the Belial, the Fossilized Symbiote mythic set and the Upgrade All Favorite Artifacts buttons are officially ready for the 5.20.0 update. Apologies for the delay, but we wanted to ensure that these were working as intended before release.

Lastly, some pricing models are subject to change in order to standardize pricing across regions. This will help ensure that players are paying similar amounts regardless of where in the world they are. We’ll be rolling out these changes with the 5.20 update, and will be continuously monitoring and correcting any outliers. If you experience any issues with pricing after the update, please let us know!

Thank you for reading! Lots of exciting new features coming, and next week we’ll be able to delve more into the other features being added in 5.20.0 and some card balance changes. See you then!

Happy Tapping!