Game Hive Streams for SickKids Hospital Fundraiser  - Blog picture

Game Hive Streams for SickKids Hospital Fundraiser

Game Hive Streams for SickKids Hospital Fundraiser  - Blog picture

On the morning of Thursday, October 26, 2017, the Game Hive team went about their usual day in their not-so-quiet office with one thing on buzzing through the typical spontaneous environment. It wasn't just the classic day of furiously typing and game testing - nor a regular morning of passionate debates on Apple VS. Android. 

This particular Thursday was Game Hive's first year of participating in Extra Life, a 24-hour fundraising event in which all proceeds go to the the branches of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. From 11AM on Thursday to 11AM on Friday, all members of the Game Hive team ranging from developers, testers, support, artists and animators, hopped on Twitch to stream, showcasing their usual day for a cause that the whole studio were genuinely invested in. 

Extra Life was inaugurated by the Sarcastic Gamer community, whose members sent gifts like video games to a young woman named Victoria Enmon, while she battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia, in efforts to raise her spirits. Enmon unfortunately passed away in January of 2008, and with one thing leading to another, the founders of Sarcastic Gamer launched Extra Life, a 24-hours game marathon to raise money for sick children. Click here to learn more about Extra Life. 

A studio that is built on the values of creating games that can be enjoyed by all, children and adults, we at Game Hive felt a duty to participate, and are so thankful to all those who watched and supported the cause. We set a goal to raise $3000.00 for our local CMN Hospital (Toronto SickKids), and with the help from our viewers and loyal players, we were able to reach this goal, raising a total of $3006.00. 

If you missed our stream last Thursday, you can always view it back on the Game Hive Twitch channel. In the stream, we not only play our titles like Tap Titans and Beat the Boss, but also other games that we are huge fans of, as well as feature our artist and animator doing live art requests. An event that was a true test of our vigour and devotion to games and this cause, we are very happy to have participated in Extra Life this year, and have plans to continue doing so as an annual event. 


View our Extra Life page here

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