#GHLife: How Game Hive went remote  - Blog picture

#GHLife: How Game Hive went remote

#GHLife: How Game Hive went remote  - Blog picture

Oh how time flies, and how our lives can completely change in just a couple of days. And by “a couple of a days,” we mean just that — from an average bustling Monday at the Game Hive HQ, to watching the news carefully… to finally the big announcement made that a few days later to the entire team: 

“We’re going remote.” 

Game Hive shifted to a remote work situation early on in the pandemic, even before the stay-at-home order in Toronto was announced — but we didn’t think or know how long this would last, or how indefinite it would feel. 

Never did we think that we’d be a team of remote workers. But here we are, a year and a couples months into it! Different, but also the same. 

Different because of the obvious… that everything is digital. However...

the same because of our people and our culture. That Game Hive remains a united team - engaged and interactive with one another. 

Game Hive’s culture is and has always been a priority. We’re even confident enough to say that our culture is a company perk. So naturally, maintaining and growing our culture as we went remote due to COVID-19 was at the top of our priorities. In the midst of a lot of change and uncertainty in the world, we wanted Game Hive to be a place where our people felt safe, familiar and supported. 

And so the fun never stopped this last year! We committed to organizing events and providing consistent opportunities for our people to interact and get to know each other. 

We’re starting a new #GHLife WFH Series to showcase and journal all our #gamehivefuntimes. It’s a journal and log for us, so we can look back and reflect - but it’s also a showcase for you! Follow along with us as we navigate this time of remote work and foster a truly unique work culture during these ✨ unprecedented times ✨.

With the launch of this new series, we’re posting videos and sharing more about us in all ways we can. We’re being open to sharing our experiences, from everything to do with creating an awesome remote work culture, to how we remote-onboard, to even the challenges we face through it all. 

Check out this video as the first in our #GHLife WFH Series, in which we recap our transition to remote work (and also features our very first remote onboard)!