Tap Titans 2 Devlog #21: Roadmap for v2.8 and beyond!

Big things coming your way in May, Sword Masters!

Some exciting Overhauls, Balancing, and Updates are coming along.

Here is a preview of what to expect in Tap Titans 2 (V.2.8):

Release Date: By May 25th

Full Patch Notes: Keep an eye open, they’ll be posted closer to release.


Pet Builds Are Back!

  • Pet skill tree skills are being overhauled.

  • Flash Zip will deal Lightning Burst damage instead of dealing its own separate amount.

  • Each Flash Zip and Lightning burst will “charge” your pet, increasing it’s damage for a limited amount of time.

  • Flash Zip will also decrease the cooldown of all pet skills.

  • Fire Sword will directly increase pet damage.


Mana Potion and Doom Perk Improvements

  • Mana Potion: Will refill your mana pool and boost mana from all sources for 12 hours

  • Doom: Will instantly kill the titan onscreen and initiate a damage over time effect for 12 hours (The amount of damage done to each Titan will be capped)


Video Fairy Reward Improvements

  • New Video Fairy reward: Activate All Active Skills.

  • Video Gold Fairy Update: In addition to regular Gold Fairies, which offer a single burst of Gold, you will be able to get Video Fairy Cost Reduction: a limited time boost which reduces the cost of upgrades (Good time for an upgrading spree!)

  • Mana potion fairies are coming back!  These fairies will have a higher spawn rate than they did in previous versions of the game (way back in v1.7) and will refill a portion of your mana capacity.

  • Hand of Midas will now be a non-video reward


~~Additional Content~~

  • Prepare for a summer Rockstar themed update!

  • New equipment and equipment sets, including a new Mythic set.  

  • Three new artifacts are on the way!  Can you guess what they are?

  • Clan Crate fix! Clan crates will be moved off the main playing area and will now be activated from the clan ship!  

  • More details to come!


v2.9, v2.10, and beyond:

  • We’re working on several other things at the moment as well, including improved notification options, general performance improvements, new monster types, and an expansion to our VIP system (including free ways to earn VIP points as well).

  • Summer is coming!  Get ready for a huge update as we will soon begin work on an overhaul to the clan system for v3.0!