Tap Titans 2 V.2.0 Patch Notes  - Blog picture

Tap Titans 2 V.2.0 Patch Notes

Tap Titans 2 V.2.0 Patch Notes  - Blog picture

Update v.2.0 will be live this Wednesday, September 27th.

Here's what you can look forward to in the much-anticipated Tap Titans 2 v.2.0...


Max Stage

More stages! The stage capacity will be increased to 5000 at the launch of v2.0 this will allow players to use their new skills coming from the skill tree to improve their powers to push further than they have ever before. Once players have got the hang of the new skill tree, we plan on increasing it even more within a few weeks of the release. So make sure you put those skill points to good use as their will be more stages to conquer!


Skill Tree

New, expansive class-inspired skill tree replacing the current skill trees.


Knight - 9 Skills

  • (Tier 1) Knight’s Valor – Multiplies Tap Damage
  • (Tier 2) Chivalric Order - Increases Tap Damage from Heroes
  • (Tier 2) Pet Evolution - Increases Pet Damage and at greater levels reduces taps required
  • (Tier 2) Heart of Midas - Generates Gold from Pet and at great levels reduces generation cooldown
  • (Tier 3) Cleaving Strike - Multiplies Maximum Critical Damage while reducing Critical Chance
  • (Tier 3) Summon Golem - Multiplies Fire Sword Damage
  • (Tier 3) Lightning Burst - Multiplies Pet Damage per Burst and increases max splash count
  • (Tier 4) Barbaric Fury - Multiply Active Tap Damage and adds bonus tap per second
  • (Tier 4) Flash Zip - Multiply Pet damage per Zip tap and at greater levels reduce cooldown

Warlord - 8 Skills

  • (Tier 1) Master Commander - Multiplies All Hero Damage
  • (Tier 2) Spoils of War - Multiply Chesterson Gold and increase Chesterson chance
  • (Tier 2) Heroic Might - Multiply War Cry Damage and increase inspired hero count
  • (Tier 2) Aerial Assault - Multiply Clan Based Damage and increases maximum splash count
  • (Tier 3) Tactical Insight -Increase Hero Unlockable Skill Multiplier and Increase Skill Bonuses
  • (Tier 3) Coordinated Offensive - Multiply Active All Hero Damage and at greater levels reduce cooldown
  • (Tier 4) Astral Awakening - Multiply All Hero Damage per Tap and at greater level reduces cooldown
  • (Tier 4) Anchoring Shot - Stuns Titans, multiply Stun Damage and increases stun duration

Sorcerer - 10 Skills

  • (Tier 1) Limit Break - Increases Mana capacity and increases mana regeneration
  • (Tier 2) Manni Mana - Increase Mana replenished and increases spawn chance
  • (Tier 2) Heavenly Strike - Multiply Heavenly Strike Damage and at greater levels increases splash skip
  • (Tier 2) Phantom Vengeance - Multiplies Shadow Clone Damage and increases attacks per second
  • (Tier 3) Fairy Charm - Increase Multiple Fairy Chance spawn and reduce spawn cooldown
  • (Tier 3) Mana Siphon - Recovers a percentage of Mana capacity
  • (Tier 3) Eternal Darkness - Increases Shadow Clone duration and reduces cooldown
  • (Tier 4) Midas Ultimate - Multiply Hand of Midas gold and Fairy gold
  • (Tier 4) Lightning Strike - Deals a percentage of Titan Health as damage and increases chance of occurrence.
  • (Tier 4) Dimensional Shift - Multiply Primary Active skill effects and decrease boss timer tick down rate

Rogue - 7 Skills

  • (Tier 1) Master Thief - Multiply All gold earned and inactive gold earned
  • (Tier 2)  Assassinate - Multiply Deadly Strike Damage and increase Deadly Strike chance
  • (Tier 2) Silent March - Advance to a percentage of your max prestige while offline
  • (Tier 2) Ambush - Increase Multi-spawn chance
  • (Tier 3) Twilight's Veil - Increase Inactive Pet Damage and Multiply Pet Deadly Strike Damage
  • (Tier 3) Ghost Ship - Increase Inactive Clan Ship Damage and Multiply Clan Deadly Strike Damage
  • (Tier 3) Shadow Assassin - increase Inactive Clone Damage and Multiply Clone Deadly Strike Damage

Moved out of the skill tree and turned into a passive is Intimidating Presence, and below are the required skill points in order unlock the passive skill and reduce number of Titans up to 18. Unlock requirements are shown in-game and will not be required to unlock the passive after each prestige. This passive skill will be able to go up to and reduce the number of Titans by up to 62. Each stage will continue to require 1 Titan before having to defeat a Boss Titan to advance to the next stage.







































Please note that this only shows the cost of the first 18 IP levels, and that all values are subject to change at anytime.



We have added 20 new pieces of new equipment that players will see as they begin their journey after the patch. Most notable changes that come to our equipments are that we changed some of the current Tap Damage slash equipment into Clan Ship Damage, as a means to make these items relevant again. Along with Clan Ship Damage, we have added some help for the Shadow Clone in the form of slash equipment as well.

Selling of Rare and Legendary equipment have been increased from the previous value of 2 diamonds & 3 diamonds to 5 diamonds & 25 diamonds, respectively, so those looking to get rid of some of your older finds can now do so with added reward.


Backgrounds and Titans

Visually some players will notice 2 new backgrounds coming to the Tap Titans 2 world, along with 41 new Titans to battle against on your journey towards the max stage.



We have added 2 new artifacts that will come and support the damage types we have recently added into the game.

  • Influencer Elixir - Increases Clan Ship Damage
  • Royal Toxin - Increases Deadly Strike Damage



Tournaments have been changed to promote progression as brackets will no longer be determined by your max prestige but your max potential prestige. Players will be placed into brackets with other players that have similar potential: for example, if you are a player who prestiges only at 1800 as to stay in the bracket but have similar or identical artifact levels, pet levels and equipment as a player who has prestiged at 4000, then you will be placed in the same bracket even though you never prestiged at 4000 because your potentials will be determined as equal. This is in efforts to balance the tournaments further and increase the likeliness for new players to be placed into brackets with other new players, in addition for more advanced players to be match against each other.

Players who attempt to circumvent the max potential prestige brackets by leaving a clan before joining a tournament to decrease their potential (and then joining a clan again) will not be placed in a weaker tournament bucket. This value is hidden, only known on the server, which determines the damage and stage you are capable of reaching.

We have added a little more incentive for players to advance in the brackets as well - we have added a bonus rank that will award more prizes if a player is the highest in their tournament and no tie is found. Meaning that if you are in a race to your highest potential stage and you win a tournament as the one and only champion, you will receive an Undisputed Champion prize bonus!




And as announced in the game, there will be server maintenance at 13:00 UTC for at least 5 hours on Wednesday, September 27th, to ensure that the update is rolled out smoothly and successfully. We really appreciate your patience and understanding with this - we’re itching to get v.2.0 out just as much as you are!