• Here’s what you can expect in 2.1.0, live today:


  • Max stage increased to 6000!
  • v2.0 Titan Chest Promotion has been extended until October 16th!

Skill Tree Stats Upgrade Preview:

  • The stats panel is now accessible from the skill tree.
  • Stats reflect skills that are upgraded but not yet applied/finalized, providing a preview of skill tree changes.

Balance Tweaks:


  • Midas Ultimate and Manni Mana had their positions swapped in the Sorcerer Tree and were rebalanced accordingly.
  • Tactical Insight was significantly reduced across all levels, yet now scales more uniformly from level to level.
  • Increased Knight's Valor, Master Commander, and Pet Evolution damage upgrade values.
  • The base delay between inactive Titan spawns reduced from 0.7s to 0.6s.
  • Slight damage reduction to Cleaving Strike.
  • Twilight's Veil, Ghost Ship, and Shadow Assassin now give more Deadly Damage per level.
  • Limit Break mana capacity and mana regeneration increased per upgrade level.
  • The Fire Sword skill tree upgrade damage increased.
  • Lightning Burst cooldown was reduced to 25s from 30s.
  • Astral Awakening damage buffed and duration increased to 30s from 25s.
  • Lightning Strike buffed at all levels.
  • Dimensional Shift now stronger at lower upgrade levels.


  • Legendary and Rare equipment drop rates were both increased by 25%.


  • Tournament bracket algorithm improvements with much tighter bracket ranges.
  • Tournament join window extended to 4 hours; tournaments will now last between 20 and 24hrs each.


Midas Ultimate was reworked as a Tier 2 skill to make it a more viable upgrade option, especially since it can be used to boost fairy gold. Additionally, we moved Manni Mana back to Tier 4 since Limit Break already provides bonus mana regeneration as a Tier 1 skill. We will be further strengthening Manni Mana in a future update by adding additional functionality aspects to this upgrade.

Tactical Insight was so strong that it completely overshadowed other upgrade options. Our adjustment here still leaves it as a powerful upgrade, but it will no longer dominate everything else. However, we tried to offset this reduction by boosting some of the other skill tree upgrades that haven’t been used as much yet.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fire Sword bonus was being counted twice on Sword Master attacks.
  • The average fairy cooldown time is now correctly working at 150s (was 300s).
  • Tournament bonus mana capacity will now correctly apply when loading the game.
  • Tournament bracket ranges will now correctly form (these ranges were initially much larger than intended).
  • Undisputed Champion visual fix; the bonus reward was showing even though there were ties during given tournaments.
  • Equipment farm range now correctly set to drop between 90% to 99% of your max stage.