Be up-to-date with the changes being made so you can plan out our tap-venture and be the hero that rises above all. *(You’re going to want to know the details!)*


What’s New in 2.1.1?

  • Using 'Buy Max' with rounding enabled will snap upgrade amounts to hero improvement upgrade levels.
  • Pet Heart of Midas now clearly shows gold amounts dropped.
  • Equipment can now be locked and unlocked while equipped.



  • Skill tree resets are now limited to once per prestige; This was implemented to make tournaments more fair for everyone.

  • Special Promotion! There will be a Skill Tree Reset promotion -- all players will get 75% off all skill tree resets until October 23.



  • You’ll notice that the Public Player and Tournament IDs will be displayed to provide faster support for player accounts and tournaments.

  • The Twitch Avatar has been added for our Twitch subscribers.


Balance Tweaks

Skills & Damage

  • Skill Tree Tier IV upgrades will be *much* stronger and scale more efficiently.

  • Warlord and Shadow Clone pushing strength increased.

  • All skill tree gold upgrades as well as several damage upgrades will scale more efficiently.

  • Reduced the damage upgrade strength of Angelic Radiance.

  • Increased base Shadow Clone damage and reduced the penalty from having a low critical chance value.

  • Overall increase in Pet Damage primarily for newer accounts.


Clan Quests

  • Reduced Titan Lord hit-points for easier Clan Quests.



  • Equipment farming range increased to drop between 80% and 99% of your max stage.


Gold & Perks

  • Hand of Midas increases fairy gold by default without Midas Ultimate, but at a reduced bonus amount.

  • Fairy Charm set to a maximum of 10 upgrade levels, with each scaling stronger.

  • Fairy average cooldown reduced from 150s to 120s.


Bug Fixes

  • Inactive DPS calculation fixes (as some active skill components were being unintentionally included).

  • Clan Crate not spawning if the Clan Ship was about to fire fix.

  • Equipment rapid back and forth swapping giving inflated bonuses exploit fix.

  • Pet swapping to continually increase Shadow Clone damage exploit fix.

  • Fairy gold bonus listed on Midas Ultimate now included in Fairy Gold drop amounts.

  • Added brief cooldown to some perks to avoid accidental Perks spamming.

  • Perk gold fix, increasing gold from perks and reverting back to the v2.0 amounts.

  • Deadly Strike now correctly gives reduced damage bonus to Heavenly Strike.

  • Splash-through boss attacks sometimes incorrectly skipping non-boss titans when no splash kills were made - fixed.

  • Dimensional Shift no longer visually buffs secondary active skill effects & Dimensional Shift now correctly stacks multiple active skills with Heavenly Strike for increased damage.

  • Heroic Might wasn't increasing Tap Damage via Tap Damage from Heroes during War Cry - fixed.




Congrats for making it to the end of the patch notes!

In addition to all the fixes and balancing that has been done since 2.0, and with the added revamp of Skill Tree 2.0, we decided to add in something more fun, festive… & and *spooky,* for the month of October.

That’s right!

There will be a quick update mid-next week with a **Halloween event.**  For a sneak peak, check out our livestream on Twitch here.

More details on 2.2.0 will be released early next week.