TAP TITANS 2 V.2.2.0 - 2.2.3 PATCH NOTES

V.2.2.0 is going live today, October 24th!

Read below to be in the loop with the latest update, and prepare yourself for the Halloween limited-time features:


  • Increased Stage Cap to 7000!
  • 10 new Artifacts to collect!
  • Halloween theme with new limited time equipment to collect! 🎃
  • Yort Kingdom has been transformed into a Spooky Graveyard! 👻
  • Stats Panel improvements: stats now reflect active damage and effect bonuses from skill tree upgrades like Barbaric Fury.

New Artifacts' Bonuses

  • Inactive Gold, Fairy Gold, Splash Gold
  • Sword Attack Damage, Inactive Damage, Splash Damage
  • All Active Skill Effect Bonus, All Active Skill Effect Duration
  • Mana Capacity, Sword Master Cost Reduction

New Equipment

  • New rare and legendary equipment to collect (permanent additions).
  • Limited time Halloween theme equipment looks that can be obtained as common equipment drops with boosted stats. ⚔
  • Collect 5 new themed weapons along with a new armor, helmet, aura, and slash!


  • Sword Attack Damage gives slightly reduced bonus to Heavenly Strike.
  • Pet HoM gives greater base gold that scales with your current stage but receives a reduced bonus from Hand of Midas.
  • Relics earned per stage has increased at higher stages.
  • Artifacts have been given improvement upgrades for better scaling.
  • Artifact unlock costs for number 41 and above have been increased.
  • Book of Shadows is guaranteed by the 40th Artifact unlock.
  • Heroes now have equal distributions of melee, spell, and ranged damage upgrades.

Further Key Notes in V.2.2.0

Bear Shop + Special Bundles:

  • IAP Bundles have been disabled until they are properly fixed.
  • Double Skill points in Titan Chests!


  • Grand Masters' who have been inactive for 30+ days will now be removed from their clan by request via the support team.


  • Artifact scaling has initially been released as a weak increase to current artifact strength; we will improve the strength of artifact scaling in another update next week.




Update v2.2.2 is live on Android now; this optional update includes the bug fixes:

  • Increased Heavenly Strike Duration from Phantom Timepiece artifact fix.
  • Skill Tree reset not removing secondary upgrade effects.
  • Relics earned on artifact salvage fix.
  • Splash through boss attacks sometimes incorrectly skipping non-boss titans when no splash kills were made (again).
  • Invader's Gjalarhorn artifact giving incorrect visual amount on active skill upgrades.


Update v2.2.3 will be live on Android by tomorrow October 25, and hopefully on iOS/Amazon by the end of the week. This includes the bug fixes:

  • Halloween themed skins for iOS players.
  • Silent March doing reduced damage when the game needed to fully load (Silent March fix).
  • War Cry bonus wasn't immediately visually reflecting Heroic Might upgrades.