• 10 more new Artifacts to collect (up to 60 total Artifacts)!
  • The Active skill upgrades will use popup multi-buy buttons now instead of the using the previously stated buy amount options [x1, x10, x100, max].
  • Active skills can be canceled while activated so that they can be upgraded immediately.
  • Active skill timers will *not tick down *during fairy ads.
  • Consecutive Titan Lord Attack Bonus! Repeat attacks against the same Titan Lord get an increasing damage bonus.
  • Advanced power saving mode options panel.
  • Limited time event equipment now marked as such in the equipment scroll list.
  • 9:18.5 Aspect ratio support for newer devices.
  • Undisputed Champion Avatar.

New Artifact Bonuses:

  • Pet Damage Bonus Multiplier (increases damage bonuses listed on pets).
  • Pet Gold Bonus Multiplier (increases gold bonuses listed on pets).
  • Multi-Spawn Chance.
  • Titan Damage Bonus (bonus damage against non-boss monsters).
  • Boss Damage Bonus (bonus damage against bosses).
  • Monster HP Reduction (reduces HP of all monster types; does not reduce gold drops).
  • Equipment Multiplier Boost (increases the effect of all non-Aura equipment types).
  • Mana Regeneration.
  • Critical Damage Bonus.
  • Increased Boss Timer Duration (extends the length of boss fights).


  • Active skill timers now tick down while the game is paused (this was to address a mana exploit with active skills).
  • Dimensional Shift now reduces active skill timer rates (active skills last longer), instead of reducing the boss timer rate.
  • Artifact effect scaling improved (noticeable at higher upgrade levels).
  • Bonus Splash Gold now boosts Pet Heart of Midas.
  • Multi-Spawn now spawns a minimum of 2 monsters per spawn (up from 1).
  • Hand of Midas tap and pot gold now increased by average 10x gold bonus.
  • Improved skill tree upgrade efficiency for higher level upgrades.

Bug Fixes:

  • Dimensional Shift bonus not applying when called after other skills were already active.
  • Dimensional Shift bonus not applying on game resume.
  • Removed temporary bonuses from Barbaric Fury, Coordinated Offensive, and Astral Awakening from Inactive DPS.
  • Incorrect Shadow Clone damage updating when pets were swapped while Shadow Clone was active.
  • Splash through boss attacks would stop doing damage when the attack timed out (usually happened in tournaments).
  • Sword Master gold costs not properly updating (the upgrade button would stay grey when levels could be purchased).
  • Skill Tree "New" icon popping up too often.
  • Fairy video gold panel show different gold amount that what was dropped.