v2.3.4 is now live on Android and iOS; this optional update includes the following bug fixes (as well as the Shop Promo!):

  • Active skill multi buy buttons now hide after a couple seconds.
  • Active skill info panel now shows correct numbers for next mana cost and secondary effect.
  • Pet bonuses weren't being applied correctly when the game was first loaded, which was affecting silent march DPS and offline mana regeneration.
  • Shadow Clone active skill button cooldown was ending too quickly when players had Eternal Darkness upgraded.
  • Fixed Shadow Clone damage not receiving correct bonus from Firesword depending on the activation order of these skills.
  • Dimensional Shift was slowing down Adrenaline Rush and Power of Swiping timers.
  • Active skills can be canceled at max level; cancel button is now blue.
  • Hero upgrade button now orange instead of blue.
  • Highest framerate always used during Clan Quests to maximize player tap amounts.
  • Update History, Clan Quest, and Shop Chest panel fixes.