Thank you /r/TapTitans2!  - Blog picture

Thank you /r/TapTitans2!

Thank you /r/TapTitans2!  - Blog picture

This just in:

Our average Friday afternoon of tapping, bug-squashing and game developing has just been interrupted by a special surprise by none other than our beloved /r/TapTitans2 community!  

The Game Hive team wants to give a big shout-out and thank you to the TT2 reddit community for this very unexpected gift -- and an extra shout-out and thank you to the heroes who organized this thoughtful surprise (/u/lemmingllama, /u/Kookie, /u/STran93r, /u/Savant).

Rest assured, the goodies will be fueling us and are being consumed as we write this post (#nodevshungry #backtoworkwego #caffeineoverload)! From the bug reports and questions in our Q&As, to the chats on the TT2 discord and support desk -- we appreciate all your suggestions, feedback and support through the past (almost) one year of the TT2 tap-venture. We feel the love and support, throughtout the ups and downs! Despite things still to be done, we sincerely appreciate all of the continued enthusiasm for the changes being made for the 4k+ expansion. That being said, we hope you are excited for what's to come for Tap Titans 2(.0). 


Thank you /r/TapTitans2! ⚔