TT2 DEVLOG #11: A SECOND LOOK INTO V.2.0 ⚔ - Blog picture


TT2 DEVLOG #11: A SECOND LOOK INTO V.2.0 ⚔ - Blog picture

Originally published on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.  

As we fall into the new season, we are fast-approaching the much-anticipated release of Tap Titans 2 v2.0. Call it TT2.0, TT22, TT2.0... call it what you will -- all we want is to assure you that this massive update is being tested, polished and reworked for a refreshed, rebooted tap-venture! 🍁

With our dedicated group of fantastic beta-testers, our team and players have been collaboratively working towards tweaks to enhance the Tap Titans experience. One of the main focuses we kept in mind when developing this update was to reintroduce and reinforce tapping and more active gameplay. This is definitely not to say that certain offline abilities have been made ineffective - Moreover it’s to say that we are introducing various other features (e.g. new skill tree) that offer more gameplay options and opportunities that are also actually far more customizable.

Along with the changes coming for v.2.0, we’ve also decided to switch up our monthly Q&As. You may have noticed that the September Q&A was not conducted last week. This was because we anticipated that most of the questions would be about v.2.0, much of which we’d be unable to concretely answer, as many of the numbers (that were/are being tested), are constantly altered. V.2.0 is introducing a lot of new features, changes to existing equipment and a whole new skill tree. An update this large of scale requires testing which causes our game balancing to change, and we didn’t want to answer questions in regards to this without concrete answers (nor vague answers / Soon™). Furthermore, we’ve noticed that a good chunk of questions asked over the past few months have been redundant and repeated With all of this in mind, we decided to switch up the way we’ve been doing Q&As, to get more questions answered efficiently and interactively!

Q&As on Twitch

Join us on our Twitch livestream and ask your questions to our devs! At least every other Friday, we will be online to answer your questions. If you have a burning question that you want us to address in the next Q&A, we ask you to now post your question on DevLogs and we will be answering them in the stream. We will also be constantly updating the FAQ section on our Twitch, as well as posting the answers to specific questions on reddit threads, so you'll always be able to catch up on the answers.

We hope that many of you are able to join us on our streams, not only so you can participate in our Q&As, but also to get a chance to openly communicate with us. And we won’t just be online every other week - we’ll be popping in more and more often with new content showing everything from sneak peeks to behind-the-scenes action.. And even hosting giveaways!

In the previous DevLog, we hashed out some of the most significant chances you’ll see in v.2.0. If you haven’t read over this already, we strongly recommend you do so, so you get a solid summary of what you should expect. Since then, numbers have been honed and we’ve been rapidly progressing to the update launch… that is set for Wednesday, September 27th.

That’s right, heroes! Tap Titans 2 v.2.0 is set to go live in less than 2 weeks!

On September 27th, you’ll be playing through a thousand new stages, and be on the hunt for some new equipment, artifacts… and also be choosing your player class with the new skill tree! For all this to come into fruition and roll out securely, the game will be under server maintenance for several hours this day. We will be sending out a reminder for this server maintenance in an in-game announcement, as well as posting on the subreddit.

V.2.0 is currently still being tweaked here and there, but if you’re still itching to know more about it, check out some of the points that below:


If you haven’t seen the sneak peek of the skill tree just yet, you definitely want to.

Each of the four new classes presents a unique way to play your adventure. Below we have outlined the name of the four and what each class would do for you.


  • Play-style: Fast-paced with lots of active tapping
  • Theme: The lone warrior with a faithful companion.
  • Focus: Sword Master/Tap Damage + Pet upgrades
  • Associated Equipment Slash: Pet Damage
  • Signature Companion: Pets
  • Signature Active Skill: Firesword


  • Play-style: A more strategic approach with emphasis on timing bonuses together
  • Theme: The tactical commander inspiring their army to do battle.
  • Focus: Heroes + Clan Ship.
  • Associated Equipment Slash: Clan Ship Damage.
  • Signature Companion: Clan Ship.
  • Signature Active Skill: War Cry.


  • Play-style: Heavy active skill use and with proper mana management
  • Theme: The wise sorcerer with powerful command over mana and spells (ie. active skills).
  • Focus: Mana / Active Skill + Shadow Clone
  • Associated Equipment Slash: Shadow Clone Damage
  • Signature Companion: Shadow Clone
  • Signature Active Skill: Shadow Clone


  • Play-style: Inactive/idle play with an emphasis on critical damage
  • Theme: The quiet renegade who silently operates in the shadows.
  • Focus: Silent March and Deadly Strike enhancements
  • Associated Equipment Slash: None
  • Signature Companion: None
  • Signature Active Skill: Deadly Strike

Stage Cap Increase

Initially 5000 and we will plan on making a server side increase to 6000 after a week, as long as everything is running smoothly.

Stage Backgrounds

2 new backgrounds along with 41 new monsters!


  • 2 new Artifacts.
  • Clan Ship Damage Increase.
  • Deadly Strike Damage Increase (formally Critical Strike).


  • 20 new pieces of equipment!
  • New equipment bonuses: Boss Gold, Sword Attack Damage, Multi-Spawn Chance, Shadow Clone Damage, and Clan Ship Damage.

That’s all we can reveal for now, as other features are still subject to change up until the launch date. And if you can’t get enough, you can always follow us on Twitch, where you’ll be notified whenever we go live. We often do giveaways during these streams, so it’s something we do recommend checking out!

All aboard the hype train.