TT2 DevLog #12: It's Here!  - Blog picture

TT2 DevLog #12: It's Here!

TT2 DevLog #12: It's Here!  - Blog picture

V.2.0 has risen!

Originally published on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit

The long-awaited, much-anticipated update is live and in full swing, and our team has been really delighted with the general response, feedback and constructive ideas that have been voiced since the launch. With the combined efforts of our very awesome beta-testers and crazy hardworking devs, we found (and hope you have found) that v.2.0 was one of our most successful update launches to date! Furthermore, we really appreciate the patience and the positive build-up of excitement and buzz our online community has created over the past few weeks! This update has been in the works for several months, with a lot of consideration and ideas for the new features stemming from the words of active and engaged players from our online communities like reddit.

Click here to read the v.2.0 patch notes!

...And speaking of patience! The development teams wants to say a big thank you for being so patient and understanding with the server maintenance this past Wednesday, September 27th. This was required for the updates that were to come in v.2.0, and we really appreciated the general understanding and response during this time. Now with v.2.0 out there for you to play, we hope that you have been able to enjoy the new features laid out - mapping out your own skill tree for a customized game experience, tapping through 1000 more stages, and collecting the new artifacts and equipment! Which part of the update have you enjoyed the most? We want to know, so sound off in the comments below!

Onwards from V.2.0


Although we try our best to prepare for a smooth launch, an update such as this with new numbers and balancing is going to need further refinement. One of the highest priorities we are currently working on is with tournaments. There have been reports of tournament brackets with the new algorithm, and apologize if you have found issues with the brackets you have been put in. This is something that is still being polished up.

Stage Cap Increase

We will be pushing past MS 5000 within a couple weeks time.

Twitch, Giveaways and Q&As

To help pass the time during server maintenance, you may or may not have tuned into our livestream. During the ~5 hours of downtime, Game Hive went live! We were streaming the game on our Game Hive Twitch channel, where we would often take questions live, while tapping through v.2.0. If you missed it, we do suggest you follow us to be notified every time we go live! We are still in the works of developing a set schedule for stream times, but we are moving our Q&As on reddit to the Twitch channel:

  • For frequently asked questions, you can find them in the description of our Twitch channel.
  • For any questions you would really like addressed and answered, we kindly ask you to post on our DevLogs. We will be answering the questions with the most upvotes on the livestream. We will also be posting answers to these questions on reddit, so that those who miss the stream or are unable to watch can still find yours answers in the thread where you asked the question.

Be also to follow and watch on Twitch for your chance to win in-game prizes! At almost every stream we will be doing random giveaways. As long as you are watching and following us on Twitch, you will be eligible - winners are announced live at each stream.

Additionally, our Twitch subscribers will be given special in-game distinction as a token of our appreciation. We will also be doing subscriber-only giveaways in the future. (Note: following and subscribing are two separate actions!)

That being said, we are opening up this DevLog for questions and hope you tune into our stream! We will be bringing more stream content in the future for TT2, as well as other fun stuff that it’s in the works ;). Thank you for support us on all these various social platforms!