TT2 DevLog #14: October comes to an end

Sword Masters and heroes!

The month of October has come and gone and phew, it’s been a busy one! From launching festive Halloween features, to game balancing and quick bug fixes… to our 24-hour game marathon, the GH team has been working diligently on various features and game-planning to help continue the fun and content for Tap Titans.

And yes, that’s right -- even more new content is to come! After seeing the feedback and response to this spooky little update, we wanted to keep the ball rolling with constant content and growth within the Tap Titans universe. That being said, the features in the Halloween update (e.g. equipment, stage background…) will be officially gone on November 13-- but here’s what you can expect for v.2.3.0:

What’s to come in V.2.3.0


Say what! There will now be ten more Artifacts to collect with the new update, making the total number of Artifacts a whopping total of 60. Implemented with these new Artifacts are the following bonuses:

  • Pet Damage Bonus Multiplier (increases damage bonuses listed on pets).
  • Pet Gold Bonus Multiplier (increases gold bonuses listed on pets).
  • Multi-Spawn Chance.
  • Titan Damage Bonus (bonus damage against non-boss monsters).
  • Boss Damage Bonus (bonus damage against bosses).
  • Monster HP Reduction (reduces HP of all monster types; does not reduce gold drops).
  • Equipment Multiplier Boost (increases the effect of all non-Aura equipment types).
  • Mana Regeneration.
  • Critical Damage Bonus.
  • Increased Boss Timer Duration (extends the length of Boss fights).

Active Skills

  • There will be an option to now upgrade Active Skills: x1, x10, x100 max. Active Skills will also be able to be cancelled while activated, so that they can be upgraded immediately.

Clan Quests

  • Repeat attacks for on a Clan Quest will now get an increasing damage bonus! Starting in v.2.3.0, there will be a bonus for consecutive attacks on a Titan Lord. This means for all subsequent attacks on the Titan Lord for a Clan Quest, you will gain a bonus multiplier each attack, whether you use your diamonds, or you wait the hour to attack again. Take that Titan Lord down, heroes!

Display Additions

  • Limited-time event equipment (e.g. Hollow Pumpkin for the Halloween update) will now be distinguished and marked as such in the equipment scroll list.
  • New Avatar! If you ever reach the coveted role of Undisputed Champion in your tournament, you will unlock the Undisputed Champion Avatar.

Game Performance

  • We understand that Tap Titans is a pretty big game in itself and may consume quite a bit of battery. We hear you, and continuously look for opportunities to better optimize the game for battery consumption. With the next update, we will be introducing the Advanced Power-saving Mode in the Options panel.
  • Additionally, we will also be accommodating and optimizing to support newer devices using the 8:18.5 aspect ratio.

Balancing done in V.2.3.0

  • Active skill timers now tick down while the game is paused - to address a mana exploit with active skills.
  • Sorcerer Tree - (Tier 4) Dimensional Shift now reduces active skill timer rates (meaning the active skills last longer), instead of reducing the Boss timer rate.
  • Artifact effect scaling improved again (noticeable at higher upgrade levels).

Bug Fixes in V.2.3.0

  • The following bugs have been fixed for the next update -- but there could potentially be even more bug fixes to be made by the time we release.
  • Dimensional Shift bonus not applying when called after other skills were already active.
  • Dimensional Shift bonus not applying on game resume.
  • Removed temporary bonuses from Barbaric Fury, Coordinated Offensive, and Astral Awakening from Inactive DPS.
  • Incorrect Shadow Clone damage updating when pets were swapped while Shadow Clone was active.
  • Splash through boss attacks would stop doing damage when the attack timed out (usually happened in tournaments).
  • Sword Master gold costs not properly updating (the upgrade button would stay gray when levels could be purchased).
  • Skill Tree "New" icon popping up too often.

The Buzz with Game Hive and our Twitch!

On October 26th, Game Hive participated in a 24-hour game marathon for Extra Life, a fundraising event in which gamers around the world play to support and raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. With the start of our official Twitch channel earlier this year, we wanted to take part as a means and gesture to raise funds for a cause we truly believe in.

One of our main values as a game studio is to create games that everyone can enjoy - from children to youths to adults of all ages. When we heard of Extra Life, we immediately thought that this fundraiser would be an amazing way to give back and show support to our local children’s hospital.

Our goal was to raise $3000.00, and we are proud to say that we were able to reach our goal successfully, largely thanks to the support of our /r/TapTitans2 community. To know more about how it all went down, please visit our Extra Life profile page!

And if you want to follow our Twitch channel, click here. By watching us on Twitch, you can get a sneak peek at the new content to come, and also ask any burning questions you may have. Our Twitch channel is where we now do our Q&As -- and the frequently asked questions are now posted in the description of the channel. If you ever have questions you really want addressed as well, please post them in the latest DevLogs and our resident streamer will answer to the best of their ability!

We stream almost every Friday -- and we hope to you join our Twitch family soon!