TT2 DEVLOG #15: Winter Holiday Update V.2.4.0

‘tis the season of thankfulness, giving and celebrations!


With (American) Thanksgiving last week and now the holidays fast approaching, we’re celebrating the festivities in big ways with lots of new features, updates, fixes and, of course, events!

This past week, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of thanks and Cyber Week with a special promotion on the Titan Chests. And as this comes to a close, we want to assure you that we will be adding in lots of unique and new items and promotions to not only celebrate the holidays… but also the official 1 Year Anniversary of Tap Titans 2! So be prepared -- V.2.4.0 is going be a full package of new things, and we hope you’re ready for this lengthy update post.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the next update (V.2.4.0):

Max Stage

The stage cap has increased to stage 8000! Are your tapping fingers ready?


5 all-new artifacts will be introduced with this update. These new artifacts include these unique following bonuses:

  • Ground Hero Damage: A new bonus that is denoted by a mountain icon in your hero stats panel.
  • Flying Hero Damage: A new bonus that is denoted a feather icon in your hero stats panel.
  • Companion Damage: in reference to Pet, Clan Ship & Shadow Clone damage
  • All Upgrade Cost Reduction: gold costs for Sword Master, Heroes & Active Skills
  • Active Skill Cooldown Reduction

Further visual updates with artifacts are as follows:

  • Artifact levels additionally moved to the left hand side of the artifact scroll list, so that when multi-buying (e.g. x10), it won’t hide your artifacts’ level.
  • Bonus effect descriptions are now listed for each artifact on the artifact info panel.

Feature: Hero Ascension

Ascend your heroes for an enormous damage boost! Ascending a hero sets its level back to 1 and removes all improvement bonuses as well as its evolves, but the skill upgrades are retained. Ascended heroes have new skill upgrades that will overwrite their non-ascended variants as they are unlocked. Ascension is unlocked after your final 3 heroes evolve twice, and Ascension status resets on prestige. Please also note:

  • Ascended heroes will have a new visual look for each evolve level!
  • Panel Change - In v.2.4.0, we’ve redesigned the hero stats panel to be cleaner. Furthermore, please note that the newest hero unlocks will now always appear at the top of the heroes panel, instead of the bottom.
  • Heroes’ levels will be maxed at level 6000.
  • Heroes can be both hired and levelled in one single tap after completing your first weapon set!


‘tis the season of giving and shiny new things! Tap through the game to farm 7 new permanent equipment additions... including the Golden Anniversary equipment set!

And to celebrate the holly jolly holiday season, we’re releasing 14 new limited edition seasonal equipment with boosted stats! Will you be able to find them all?

Silent March Rework

Now active by default just by unlocking 1 upgrade level, we’ve refined this skill to improve its efficacy:

  • Inactive Advancement up to 99% of Max Stage after unlocking the skill at Level 1.
  • Upgrades now also increases Inactive DPS; Decreases Inactive Spawn Delay.
  • Base Inactive DPS decreased from x1 to x0.01.
  • Base Inactive Spawn Delay increased from 0.6s to 3s per Titan.  

Adrenaline Rush Improvements

In v.2.4, you may notice that the titans are on the screen more often when Adrenaline Rush is active. This is because we have sped up the titans’ death animation by 65%, instead of speeding up the spawn rate. In addition to this:

  • Inactive Spawn Delay (maximum inactive titan kill rate) also boosted by 65%.
  • Splash through Boss attacks now benefit and applied with Adrenaline Rush.


Further Balancing & Bug Fixes in V.2.4.0


Predicted player strength for determining tournament matchmaking cannot decrease anymore. This was done to address players salvaging artifacts before a tournament started to gain an edge in their bracket seeding.

Hand of Midas

Will now give a partial bonus to splash gold!


Skill tree reset costs will now have a scaling reduction (now 2 diamonds per skill point, maximum reset cost is still 800). In addition to this, these changes were also made:

  • Dimensional Shift will display an increase in skill duration for all active skills while Shadow Clone is activated; this increase in duration is removed when Shadow Clone ends (this is just a visual change, the core behavior is identical to previous versions of Dimensional Shift).
  • Pet Evolution will also decrease required taps to charge up Lightning Burst.
  • Prestige crash issues when Active Skills were running.
  • Total skill points owned are listed in the skill tree.
  • Coordinated Offensive will be given to any clan mate now - previously it was only pulling from a pool of (at most) 10 players.
  • Mana gained from Mana Siphon and Manni Mana will now show when High Quality Animations are disabled in the Power Options panel.


  • Fixed issue where Legendary equipment would get salvaged before other equipment rarities when a player had a full equipment list.
  • Equipment transmorphs will show the name and rarity color of the selected look.
  • Blue Wizard Hat changed to purple to match the icon.

Further Fixes to Note

  • Active titan death animations will be 17% faster by default.
  • Tournament fixes for players joining at the last second.
  • Duration of previous Clan Quest level displayed on the Clan Quest info panel.
  • Perks now always require a confirmation to be used.
  • Sword Master cost button fix.




Are you still reading? We hope so, and we hope you’re ready to celebrate the end of 2017 and Tap Titans 2’s big 1 Year Anniversary with us!

We launched Tap Titans 2 at the end of 2016 with great hopes that we can expand the universe, and story in various ways from its predecessor. Whether that be through the addition of stages, equipment and artifacts; the rework of an entire skill tree; or the introduction of clans… we’re proud of how much TT2 has evolved, and appreciate the hundreds of thousands of you that have continued to play since.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey, and we appreciate all the feedback we’ve received over the year. We know we say appreciate a lot, but it is not without genuine meaning. It’s you, our community, who has shaped a lot of what TT2 has become. We’ve been through fire and back together, and we hope to only continue to build great things in this second year.

Whether you’re a new player just starting to train your tapping fingers, or you’re a veteran who’s familiar with the Spell Master, we’re grateful for your support and proud of the community that has been built. So from all of us at Game Hive to you -- Tap on!

Release of V.2.4.0: We’re look at this sweet holiday update to be live mid-next week. Should this be postponed, we will let you know. Additionally we will post a revised patch notes should any further changes be made to the update.


Merry Tapping!