TT2 DevLog #19: What's to come in March ⚔

As the short month of love comes to a close, we’re gearing up to switch into spirit of spring!

Right now we’re working on the next update (V.2.7) to be released in approximately a month’s time, ~mid-to-late March. For V.2.7, you can anticipate these exciting updates:

In artifacts...

  • 5 New Artifacts for you to discover! You can expect these new previous artifacts to apply the following: Idle gold/damage boost; Mana refund percent; All-probability boost; and the fifth will be linked to a new special titan.
  • Artifact Rework: Master's Sword and Stone of the Valrunes are getting revamped! You can expect these two artifacts to be much stronger in this update.
  • Salvaged Artifacts Panel: you will now be able to easily see and repurchase any previously salvaged artifact!

In skills…

  • The Pet and Clan Ship splash skips will be converted into passive skills, similar to what we did with Intimidating Presence a few updates ago.
  • Pets will still be based on total pet levels -- but Clan Ship splash skip will now be based on each player’s *individual* clan quest attack count (i.e. contribution), instead of a clan’s level itself.

These are the biggest changes that will be going into V.2.7 so far, with more to come as we finalize a few additional features for the big spring update, including an enhancement to equipment that should vastly improve the current situation and application of auras.

We are also working on the much-anticipated notification options panel -- it may not be ready for V.2.7, but we do want to affirm that the panel is on its way!


In spring…

And finally, of course, with this spring update comes an event to celebrate the Easter holiday. We are currently reviewing the potential ideas for the TT2 Easter event this year, so we won’t be able to outline what you’ll be seeing just yet -- but what you can expect is that this Easter theme and event will bring new equipment!

Some of our older players can recall that to celebrate Easter last year, we held an event with pet eggs released every hour. This is definitely another activity that we may run again this year, in conjunction with another in-game event to ring in the warmth and spring!

Although our team is currently bouncing ideas off each other, we also want to open the floor to our community as well for any event ideas you’d like to see. How do you think the heroes should celebrate Easter this year?


Bugs we’re working on

  • Hotfixed in v.2.6.7: Some of the very highest level players are currently having an issue upgrading artifacts when the artifact level gets a bit bigger than 2.1 billion -- we will be rolling out an unforced hotfix for this bug next week.
  • Fixed in v.2.7: Display problem with the clan ship drifting off the screen will be fixed in v.2.7.0.
  • Investigating: there is a bug with damage loss when the game is restarted, related to Tactical Insight. There is no specific release for this resolve, but it is being looked into.

Game Optimization

Understanding that there has been an increase in game crashes with specific device models, we have been working on reducing the install size by doing several optimizations to the game.

Specifically, we have found that players on Samsung devices may be experiencing more crashes due to notifications. We are currently investigating and working on resolving this, but we do recommend that Samsung users who are crashing when tabbing in and out of the game should disable notifications in your options panel to reduce crashes.



Tap On! ⚔