TT2 Devlog #22 v2.8.0 Patch Notes  - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #22 v2.8.0 Patch Notes

TT2 Devlog #22 v2.8.0 Patch Notes  - Blog picture

What is the word? Pet is the word. 

Mana Potion is the word. Doom is the word. Rock is the word! 


Patch v2.8.0 is finally here and it's bringing some very exciting new features, content, overhauls, and plenty of fixes. 


New Features in V.2.8.0

What you’ll be seeing in our spring update…

  • Welcome stage 25k along with a new rocking music festival themed update!
  • Pet skill and balance overhaul! Pets return to the battle now stronger than ever!
  • Mana Potion and Doom overhauls: each now give new persisting effects for 12 hours.
  • Fairy video reward overhauls: rewards are now much more beneficial.
  • Skill tree level cap increases: level 25 for Tier I - III and level 15 for Tier IV (skills maxed at level 10 are unchanged).
  • 40 New equipment pieces: 30 standard additions and 10 limited-time event equipment.
  • 5 New equipment sets, including the Ruthless Necromancer Mythic Set.
  • 3 New Arifacts: Aura Boost, Manni Mana Spawn Chance, and Hero Weapon Boost!
  • Scroll lists can now be expanded to fit full-screen!
  • Additional power options: disable screen shakes, special damage text, and boss entered text.
  • New animation on max-stage increases (plays at most once per prestige).
  • Clan Quest contribution data export button for Masters and Grand Masters.

Keep on reading for the details for these new features below...



Pet Skills and Balance

  • Fire Sword now gives a full bonus to Pet Damage (exponent increased from 0 to 1).
  • War Cry now gives a reduced bonus to Pet Damage (exponent decreased from 1 to 0.5).
  • Pet Heart of Midas base cooldown increased from 45s to 75s.
  • Lightning Burst damage per level reduced; base cooldown increased from 25s to 30s.
  • Flash Zip base cooldown increased from 13s to 15s.

Flash Zip Overhaul

  • Now directly couples with both Lightning Burst and Pet Heart of Midas.
  • Final zip attack now delivers Lightning Burst damage (does not splash through bosses).
  • After each full zip sequence or Lightning Burst your pet becomes charged and gains bonus damage for 30s.
  • Each upgrade level also reduces the duration of all pet skill cooldowns.

Perk Overhauls:

  • Mana Burst (Mana Potion): Recovers full mana capacity, then boosts mana regenerated from all sources by x1.5 for 12 hours.
  • Doom: Instantly kills the Titan on screen, then gives bonus damage over time per Titan for 12 hours (up to x100 damage after 30s).
  • Doom bonus damage resets with each new Titan spawn.

Fairy Video Reward Overhauls:

  • Three new fairy video reward types:
  •  Gold Cost Reduction: Reduces all gold costs for a limited amount of time (only shown if the effect is more valuable than a video gold fairy).
  • Activate All Skills: Activates all active skills and resets any already activated skills to their maximum timers (5min cooldown between spawns).
  • Mana Potion: Restores mana equal to 25% of your mana capacity (2min cooldown between spawns).
  • Hand of Midas: Now a normal fairy reward instead of a video fairy reward.


Equipment Sets:

equipCrow.gif equipSlyWolf.gif equipViking.gif


  • [Mythic] Ruthless Necromancer: Gives x1.5 Special Attack Rate, x100 Shadow Clone Damage, x1.5 Relic Multiplier.
  • [Legendary] Wolf Set: Gives x100 Inactive Damage and x1.5 Inactive Speed.
  • [Rare] Midnight Raven: Gives x3 Shadow Clone Damage.
  • [Rare] Viking King: Gives x3 Tap Damage.
  • [Event] The Rockstar: Gives x5 Clan Ship Damage.

New Artifacts:

  • Aura Boost: Multiplies the strength of Auras.
  • Manni Mana Spawn Chance: Increases the chance for Manni Mana to spawn.
  • Hero Weapon Boost: Multiplies the effect of each *individual* hero weapon (does not apply to weapon sets).


Balancing Efforts in V.2.8.0

Portar Balancing:

  • Now only spawns as a Boss Titan and cannot spawn when first starting the game or when using the "Fight Boss" button.
  • Portar drops boss gold from the stage it skips you to, instead of the current stage you were on.
  • Stages gained from splash through boss attacks now combine with stages skipped from Portar (can skip more than +50 stages)
  • Splash through boss attack calculations start on the stage that Portar skips you to (splash gold will be greater now).
  • Added a 4s cooldown between subsequent Portar spawns.

Lightning Strike Balancing:

  • Balanced to do more damage up-front, but damage dealt no longer exponentially blows up over time.
  • Each upgrade level increases Titan Health Reduction and Damage Efficiency of subsequent strikes.
  • Additional strikes against the same Titan will do reduced damage as per the Damage Efficiency value.
  • Chance to trigger a strike now fixed at 2% for all upgrade levels.

General Balancing

  • Shadow Clone gets stronger bonus from Deadly Strike (exponent increased from 0.5 to 0.6).
  • Non-video fairy gold now stronger but also has much higher variance per drop.
  • Coordinated Offensive can be reactivated before the previous instance finishes at higher upgrade levels.


General Fixes in V.2.8.0

  • Several panels have been optimized to no longer lag the game upon closing them.
  • Clan Crates from clan members now appear on and are launched from your clan ship; launched crates automatically open.
  • Coordinated Offensive now activates to the left of your Sword Master instead of from the clan ship and has new animations.
  • Astral Awakening orb now appears on top of equipment and skill point drops and can be tapped without collecting dropped items.
  • Anchoring Shot timer more accurate (was slightly longer than advertised).
  • The issue where projectiles would sometimes disappear has been fixed.
  • Portar can no longer increase your tournament score.
  • Locked equipment, transmorphs, and pet statuses are now recovered after crashes or device changes.
  • Special Titans no longer spawn when the game is first loaded.
  • Shop hero weapon upgrade damage corrected; now also shows when your weapon set count can be increased.
  • Crashes associated with the pet tutorial, calculator mode, and fairy video rewards have been fixed.
  • Power of Swiping screen-hold auto tap now ends when the application is paused.
  • Tutorial Improvements for new players.
  • Lightning Charge aura visual improvements.
  • Reduced file size and additional performance optimizations.
  • New privacy policy popup; must be accepted once per device.



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