TT2 Devlog #24 - PATCH 2.9 Patch Notes: Snap Titans 2?  - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #24 - PATCH 2.9 Patch Notes: Snap Titans 2?

TT2 Devlog #24 - PATCH 2.9 Patch Notes: Snap Titans 2?  - Blog picture

Do you feel that? That energy in the air? The sense of anticipation? 

It's patch day. 

Tap Titans v2.9 is the Superhero Update. What's in the Superhero Update? Well:

  • Overcome evil and climb to stage 30k!
  • Crafting Improvement!
  • Welcome Back Panel!
  • Superhero Equipment Sets
  • And introducing the dreaded Titan: Snap
  • And more! 

Read on below for full details! 




Equipment Crafting Improvements

  • Crafts for new sets are now guaranteed, but the cost of each craft increases until the set is complete.
    • The cost of additional crafts for completed sets is the same as the initial crafting cost of a given set.
  • Crafting Power Levels: Increase the strength of completed equipment set bonuses by spending crafting shards on any set.
    • Mythic primary set bonuses do not increase from increased crafting power levels.
  •  Specific items may be crafted from completed sets
  • The crafting panel is now organized by tabs for each set rarity.


Welcome Back Panel

A new panel displays when you resume playing to show information about the progress made (and gold earned!) while inactive 

  • Displays inactive duration as well as stages advanced and gold earned.
  • Optional video bonus for more stages advanced and gold earned.
    • VIPs earn the inactive video bonus without having to watch a video.
  • Note: Players that have made any purchase can disable the Welcome Back Panel via the options panel


New Titan: Snap

A new Titan has appeared! Defeating this explosive Titan will speed up progress by removing half of the Titans from the next 50 stages.

  • New special non-boss Titan: defeating Snap will remove half of all non-boss spawns from the next 50 stages (rounding the remaining Titan count down).
    • Snap will reduce the non-boss spawn count down to 0 for players that have 1 non-boss Titan per stage.
    • Cannot spawn on a stage that has already been affected by a previous instance of Snap.
    • A Snap icon is displayed near the top of the screen to indicate that a stage has had it's Titan count reduced by Snap.
    • Defeating Portar on a stage affected by Snap increases the final stage of the Snap effect by the amount of stages skipped by Portar.
    • Snap always spawn in tournaments!

New Equipment Sets:

  • [Mythic] Angelic Warrior: boosts Heavenly Strike and increases maximum splash cap of all attacks.
  • [Legendary] Amazon Warrior: Increases the strength of all equipment.
  • [Event] Heartly Queen: Increase Critical Damage
heavenlymythic.gif equipmentwonder.gif equipmentquinn.gif

New Artifacts:

  • Snap Spawn Chance.
  • Knight Boost: increases Tap Damage, Pet Damage, and Fire Sword Damage bonuses.
  • Warlord Boost: increases Hero Damage, Clan Ship Damage, and War Cry Damage bonuses.
  • Sorcerer Boost: increases Heavenly Strike Damage, Hand of Midas Gold, and Shadow Clone Damage bonuses.
  • Rogue Boost: increases Inactive Gold, Inactive Damage, and Deadly Strike Damage bonuses.

Unskilled Bonus Rework:

  • Unskilled Damage is now Stealth Damage: increases both All Damage and Inactive Damage bonuses.
  • Unskilled Gold is now Stealth Gold: increased both All Gold and Inactive Gold bonuses.
  • Unskilled bonus artifacts and equipment effect scaling has been reduced to account for this change.



  • Skill tree efficiency balancing: higher skill upgrade levels are much stronger now!
  • The amount of stages that can be skipped from a single attack is capped at 30 when increasing your tournament score.
  • Angelic Radiance splash skip increased for upgrade levels 21 through 25.
  • Players cannot respec their skill tree within 10% of their maximum stage reached, but can otherwise respec multiple times per prestige.
  • Lower tier shop chests tweaked for better value and all Titan chest tiers now include crafting shards.
  • Tier 6 Titan chest now gives 20 more crafting shards but one fewer piece of Legendary equipment.
  • Tournament rewards tweaked and now correspond with the maximum number of players per tournament.
  • Titan hit point growth has been reduced beyond stage 12k.
  • Power Surge level requirements reduced (pet splash skip passive upgrade).


  • No more lost perks! Perk usage is now backed up on the server, but all perks and clan crates now require an internet connection in order to be used.
  • Clan crates from other players now show more information in the confirmation panel.
  • Clan search algorithm improved to now show greater diversity of clans that are closer to the player's max stage.
  • Portar artifact description now reads 'boss Titan' instead of 'basic Titan'.
  • Scroll list no longer sometimes scrolling to the bottom when the hero tab was first opened.
  • Inactive damage boost from Dark Predator now properly including All Active Skill Damage multipliers.
  • Bluetooth audio fix! Volume levels won't change when connecting or disconnecting a Bluetooth device.
  • Pressing fight boss button will no longer occasionally cause Portar to spawn in some cases.
  • Solved several issues where panels could be tapped through.
  • Tapping on another player's avatar now displays a popup description about that avatar.
  • Notifications have been improved and now tournament start notifications display instead of mana capacity full notifications.
  • Loading improvements! Optimized loading time and fixed several issues with the loading process.
  • On screen fairies other than Mama fairies are now hidden after prestiging to address a prestige related gold exploit.
  • Artifact percent upgrades option toggle moved from the options panel to the artifact scroll tab.
  • Tournament score can no longer be stealth updated after a tournament has finished.
  • Undisputed Champion avatars art has been redesigned for 1 and 5 undisputed wins (more tiers will be added in the next update).
  • Shop purchasing framework updated to address associated crashes on Android.
  • Power of Swiping tutorial fixes.



Snap On, Swordmasters ⚔